Horoscopes for Hodesh Shvat 5780: A hint of the new era to come

2020 is a spiritual shkiah period, and hodesh Shvat 5780 is a hint of the new era to come. May Asher-like abundance and generosity to others be our inheritance.

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
Hodesh Shvat, the Hebrew month of Shvat, January 27-February 24, is Aquarius, the sign of the Jewish people, according to Abraham Ibn Ezra and others.
Saturn/Shabbtai, the planet associated with the Jews, is the classical ruler of Aquarius, and Uranus/Oron is the modern ruler of this fixed air sign called in Hebrew D’li, the water bucket.
The B’nai Yissachar says, just as the bucket is the servant of the water, Israel is the servant of the Torah. What this means for us now is that we are to serve the Torah as a waiter serves customers in a restaurant, filling and refilling their water glasses throughout the meal.
Asher, blessed with abundance to share generously with his brethren, is the tribal ruler of Aquarius, the sign concerned with universalism, humanitarianism, the unity of individuals within communities, the network of affinities and commonalities uniting us beyond conventionally defined borders. These are the Aquarian qualities we are to be serving to greater humanity: the Torah of the common ground we literally share; that of Mother Earth.
Mars square to Neptune January 28 challenges us to heal ideological estrangements; Venus sextile Pluto February 1 tempers ambitious power with empathy. The Full Moon in Leo February 8-9 stimulates pride, passion, and the role of the individual within community Mercury retrograde in Pisces February 16-March 9 creates opportunities for creative and compassionate crisis response.
The old is passing as the new is forming, bookended by January’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn signaling the end of the previous era which began at the last Saturn/Pluto conjunction in 1981, and the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in December.
2020 is a spiritual shkiah period, and hodesh Shvat 5780 is a hint of the new era to come. May Asher-like abundance and generosity to others be our inheritance.
Venus/Noga enters Aries February 8, inspiring courageous love. Like tribal ruler Yehuda, you “do the right thing,” bravely risking all for your integrity and self-respect. Planetary ruler Mars/Ma’adin in Sagittarius through February 16 hits the bull’s eye of truth. Emotional healing comes through physical action for you now; listen to your body’s wisdom. Planetary ruler Mars in boundary-drawing, business-like Capricorn February 17 through the end of March energizes efforts to delineate your role in the workplace. The trine of Mars to Uranus February 21 publicly spotlights your unique qualities and originality, prompting rewards and recognition for your prodigious efforts.
Like your Tribal ruler Issachar the discerner of times, your instinct around the seasons of your own life is strong now. First Quarter Moon in Taurus February 1 renews self-care resolutions you made as recently as November. Ruling planet Venus/Noga in assertive, leadership-oriented Aries after February 7 empowers your quest to protect and defend your comfort zone, threatened as it is from all sorts of external conflict. The square of Venus to Jupiter/Tzedek February 23 at the New Moon in Pisces brings temptation to overspend and over-indulge without being consciously aware of costs or consequences. Self-awareness is imperative now.
Mercury/Kochav in imaginative Pisces after February 3 challenges perceptions of so-called reality. Mercury Retrograde February 16-March 19 brings the gift of deconstructing dreams to their core components, allowing you to sort through them like a box of Legos spilled out on the floor, waiting to be assembled into whatever your imagination desires. You align with Tribal leader Zevulon’s restless wanderings, if only in your mind, though your body longs to follow. Feelings of constriction and powerlessness around shared resources stimulate the escape clause you keep in your back pocket. Resist outright rebellion until no other choice is left.
Moon-ruled Cancer is concerned with money matters this month, more so than usual. The Full Moon in Leo February 8-9 sheds light on material world issues and their shadow side: your internalized feelings of self-worth. You are not your money, and your priceless personal values such as integrity, loyalty, and a deep empathy for others can’t be measured in dollars and cents. Like tribal ruler Reuven who valued family, honor and right relationships, you know what and who you care for is more precious than gold. Resist all influences February 18-20 asking to exchange compassion for calculated, cold-hearted pragmatism.
Roar like a lion at the Full Moon in Leo February 8-9 as you elevate Shimon-like destructive anger into constructive reconfiguration of everything in your life which has been holding you back from achieving your dreams. You’ve finally had enough of tolerating mediocrity in others. True, not everyone can match your fabulous nature, but also true, everyone needs to pull their own weight. No more enabling those who expect you to carry their weight as well as your own. The Sun’s sextile to Uranus February 24 facilitates quick and sudden change in your favor; idealistic decisive actions yield positive results.
Rashi, citing Midrash, comments that Virgo’s tribal ruler Gad was born circumcised, hinting at Virgo’s superpower of separating what is purely useful from the superfluous. Planetary ruler Mercury/Kochav retrograde in solar opposite Pisces February 16-March 9 gives you the opportunity to rewind, review and sift through your life-sorting choices, especially those involving partnerships. Mercury’s two sextiles to Uranus in February create space for abrupt, sudden entrances and departures. If you’ve taken for granted the solid support of others without offering true reciprocity, evidence of that relationship inequality comes home to roost in a dramatic way this month.
Planetary ruler Venus/Noga in courageous Aries after February 7 energizes intimacy, fanning the flames of love and putting your airy attitude on a back burner. You’re fully invested emotionally but lack patience: you want everything now. Tribal ruler Ephraim’s descendant Joshua ben Nun modeled the kind of endurance you’ll need when he led the Israelites into the Promised Land. The walls of your heart begin to crack and tumble down like the walls of Jericho during the Venus square to Jupiter/Tzedek at the New Moon in Pisces February 23. Accepting vulnerability in yourself and others is maturity, not weakness.
Scorpio’s tribal ruler Menashe accomplished what none of his ancestors were able to do: He overcame natural jealousy when younger brother Ephraim received the older brother’s blessing from their grandfather Jacob. Your powers to overcome naturally occurring negative emotions are demonstrated when the last Quarter Moon in Scorpio February 15 converges with Mercury retrograde in Pisces. The element of water soothes, smooths, and facilitates the expression of previously blocked feelings. Fears lurking just behind the door of your conscious mind now come into the light, which shines truth and dispels the darkness of doubt. Healing comes via spiritual intimacy.
Jupiter/Tzedek in cautious Capricorn all year isn’t there to be a buzz killer, but to help you cultivate patience, forbearance and the skill set to play the long game. Energizer bunny Mars/Maadin in Sagittarius through February 15 buoys optimism and faith; Mars in Capricorn February 16 takes that high-flying energy and brings it down to earth in practical, hands-on ways. You task now is to manifest your dreams and embody your own ideals. You’re on schedule for a big win after this season of dues-paying, so buckle up and consider this time period training ground for a glorious future.
Saturn/Shabbtai is having a party in his home sign of Capricorn and he’s invited all his buddies: Pluto, Jupiter, the South Node and Mars after February 16. You can’t escape so you may as well pull up a chair and make friends with these challenging planetary personalities, all of which have only one goal in mind: making you the most mature, responsible, prosperous and accomplished person possible. Though you may feel squeezed, you’re simply being crushed like grapes to make a rare and delicious wine. The pressure is only to extract everything impeding the development of your best self.
The Midrash tells us tribal leader Asher’s daughters were beautiful and wise, making them sought-after as wives for kings and priests. You may feel a bit like a daughter of Asher this month, regardless of your gender, because those with wealth and status take note of your attractive qualities, wisdom being chief among them. Sun in Aquarius through February 18 reinvigorates high ideals. Mercury/Kochav makes a sextile to modern planetary ruler Uranus/Oron in Taurus twice during February between the 5th and 28th: this window of opportunity is a chance to demonstrate your unique abilities to those in powerful positions.
Classical ruler Jupiter/Tzedek in Capricorn brings practical knowledge and modern ruler Neptune/Rahav in Pisces brings spiritual wisdom, empathy and idealistic dreams. Their supportive sextile February 20 is a recipe for success and an opportunity to prove your worth to higher-ups. Mercury retrograde in Pisces February 16-March 9 gives you a chance to shore up the foundations of deals made in January which appeared rock-solid but now may be exhibiting cracks. Rachel rejoiced that she had “prevailed” at the birth of tribal leader Naphtali; you will prevail through the persuasive power of “beautiful words” as promised by Jacob’s blessing.