Islamist party elects first female candidate

Hatib Yassein started and directed a community center.

Hatib Yassein (photo credit: TWITTER)
Hatib Yassein
(photo credit: TWITTER)
Iman Hatib Yassein could become the first religiously observant Muslim woman in the Knesset after she was given what is expected to be a realistic slot by the United Arab List Party on Saturday.
The United Arab List ran together with Balad in the April 9 election, while Hadash and Ta’al ran on a separate list. Efforts continue to unite the four parties ahead of the August 1 deadline for lists running in the September 17 race to be submitted to the Central Elections Committee.
The candidates  will be current leader Mansour Abbas, Walid Taha, former MK Said Al-Harumi and Hatib Yassein.
There have been female Arab MKs who have either been secular Muslims or Christians, but never a religiously observant Muslim Arab woman.