Israeli study finds it’s all about the sandwich, parents

A study encompassing more than 5,000 schoolchildren found that they were better able to behave and focus when they were well fed.

Sandwich (photo credit: PR)
(photo credit: PR)
The power of a sandwich!
An Israeli study that included 5,180 schoolchildren in 35 towns across the country found that the new dietary plan of "a sandwich for each child" led to fewer disruptions by children in class, Nevet reported on Wednesday. 
The NGO Nevet believes in the importance of children being well fed, providing sandwiches to thousands of children in Israeli schools.
The report found a 45% decrease among students who partook in the study with regards to walking around during class.   
The number of children who repeatedly harassed or bullied other children fell by 46%, and a 41% drop was noticed in children who display violent actions. 
Smoking and relying on drugs such as Ritalin also dropped by 22% and 12% respectfully. 
“A well-fed child is a child with the capacity to take up an interest,” those asked to respond to the study’s questions said.
Other answers pointed out that the program ensures equality among the students.
“Nobody is hungry and nobody is able to know if someone is going without food because of poverty or negligence,” the group said.