Labor MK slams 'f***ing' Herzog for 'delusional' diplomatic plan

Bar says Herzog would only understand the importance of his post "when Lapid finishes off the Labor Party."

Isaac Herzog
Labor’s secretary-general, MK Hilik Bar, issued surprisingly fierce criticism of his party head, Isaac Herzog, in an audio tape revealed Tuesday evening by Channel 2.
In the tape of his conversation with a female Labor activist, Bar condemns Herzog for telling French President François Hollande last week that attempts to broker a twostate solution were currently unrealistic.
He told the activist that if he were not secretary-general of the party, he would have attacked Herzog “10 times as hard” as MK Shelly Yacimovich did Sunday – and less politely.
“What is this unnecessary, dangerous and delusional statement?” Bar asked. By what right, by what authority does he say the two-state solution is irrelevant? What is he, a private individual? Is he a university professor? A talkbacker? No.
He’s the head of the damn Labor Party. He’s the f***ing chairman of the opposition. He’s the head of the largest camp in Israel, which expects him to lead, or at least he’s supposed to be.”
Bar said Herzog would only understand the importance of his post “when [Yesh Atid leader Yair] Lapid finishes off the Labor Party.”
“I told him a thousand times that he can shift to the Center, but if he tries to be a lame copy of Netanyahu, the people will choose the original Bibi or a gray fallback plan like Yair Lapid,” he said.
Bar said he still supported Herzog and was upset about the leak.
Herzog, who will meet with Bar Wednesday, did not respond to the tape.
Herzog said Wednesday that the murder of Shlomit Krigman and the wounding of another woman in Beit Horon on Monday could have been prevented if Israel had a more effective security fence.
Writing on his official Facebook page, Herzog asked why Israel is not separating from the Palestinian Authority in a more effective manner and why it is not building a wall.
“What good is a fence if it can be climbed over or climbed under?” he said. “We don’t need a fence for cattle, we need real separation that will prevent the entry of terrorists.”
Herzog suggested building an electric fence that would be more effective in protecting Israel’s citizens.
“Any weaker solution would be abandonment on the part of the government,” he said. “My separation plan would better protect the citizens from terrorism and murder.”