Netanyahu threatening to sue unemployed citizen over Facebook post

"The thought that the PM and his son are scanning the internet for the lawsuits - this thought is frightening."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  (photo credit: REUTERS)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Yoav Salem, 56, said on Sunday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is threatening to sue him over a blog post shared on Salem’s Facebook page. The blog post claims – without evidence – that Netanyahu’s son, Yair, served as a courier to shelter the Netanyahu family’s money in overseas tax havens.
In a letter dated November 15, apparently sent by the Netanyahu family’s lawyer Yossi Cohen, Salem is accused of “illegal defamation” and “slandering” Netanyahu, his wife, and son. “This post is a direct continuation of a series of vile, reprehensible and completely false posts that you have consistently publicized on your Facebook page relating to my client,” the letter to Salem stated. The letter demands that Salem remove the post and offer an apology or face legal action.
The blog post in question was shared by Salem since August 30 and has garnered over 400 shares and 400 likes as of Tuesday afternoon.
Salem, an unemployed computer technician, told Haaretz on Tuesday, that he plans to fight the lawsuit accusation. “When I opened the letter, I realized that something bizarre is happening in this country. I do not understand why they sued me and not the source,” Salem said. “All posts are posts that I shared. It is sad and funny. This prime minister is supposed to take care of the people and instead he intimidates them.”
The Prime Minister’s Office has declined to comment.
“It is as ridiculous as it sounds. I hope it wont turn into something serious,” Salem’s lawyer, Yaron Meidan, told The Jerusalem Post.
“For God knows what reason they decided that they see my client as responsible for those publications, and they sent him a warning letter to stop. The thought that the PM and his son are scanning the Internet for lawsuits – this thought is frightening.”