Quentin Tarantino says he wants to retire and have Israeli kids

“I’m not saying I’ll just disappear like J. D. Salinger. I’ll be a writer and . . .” said Tarantino, who is married to Israeli singer/model, Daniella Pick.

July 28, 2019 13:23
72nd Cannes Film Festival - After the screening of the film "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" in compe

72nd Cannes Film Festival - After the screening of the film "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" in competition - Red Carpet - Cannes, France, May 21, 2019. Director Quentin Tarantino poses with his wife Daniella Pick. (photo credit: REGIS DUVIGNAU/REUTERS)

It’s hard to imagine the director Quentin Tarantino, whose films tend to spotlight dark violence and bizarre quirks, as a stay-at-home dad, but he told Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night that it is exactly his plan. 

Promoting his latest film, Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood, a look at a washed-up TV actor and stuntman (played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt) during the summer of the Charles Manson killings in Los Angeles, the director was asked if he stands by his statement that he is going to make just one more movie and retire from filmmaking.

“I’m not saying I’ll just disappear like J.D. Salinger,” said Tarantino, who is married to Israeli singer/model Daniella Pick, and divides his time between Los Angeles and Tel Aviv. “I’ll be a writer and...”

Kimmel interrupted to ask if he was going to just play golf, and the director said, “I just got married, I want to have kids.”

Best known for Pulp Fiction, Tarantino didn’t elaborate about the plans for having children, but said he might work in television but not in movies.

“I kind of like the idea of making 10 motion pictures and then, boom, that’s it, that’s done. The filmography is locked and there you go.”

Kimmel wouldn’t let it go at that, saying. “Yeah, 12 would be good, too. Or 13, or even 50 is a nice number,” Kimmel replied.

“Well, you’re kind of talking me into it!” Tarantino said.

Tarantino, who met Pick when he was promoting Inglourious Basterds in Israel 10 years ago, married her in the US last November.

As if the talk of Pick and Tarantino having children soon wasn’t enough joy for the Pick family, it was announced on Wednesday that Tarantino’s father-in-law, legendary singer/songwriter Svika Pick, known as Maestro, has recovered from the stroke he suffered in 2018 and will be returning to performing. Pick became ill on flight from London to Israel in the spring of 2018, and the plane was diverted to Vienna so the singing star could be treated. After being released from the hospital, he underwent a lengthy rehabilitation.

Bimot, the company the produces the Hanukah show Festigal, announced on Wednesday that Pick would be appearing onstage during its holiday extravaganza this winter.

Last Friday, Pick’s spokeswoman made an announcement to the media in response to rumors that the singer had died, saying that he was doing well and would be performing again in less than a year.

There have been rumors that Tarantino and Pick might be surprise guests at the Jerusalem Film Festival, which opens on Thursday, but it seems that they are busy attending promotional events in the US for Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood, which opens in the US on Friday. It is set to be released in Israel on August 15.

Tarantino was the guest of honor at the Jerusalem Film Festival in 2016, but has not made an appearance there since, although Pick made a commercial this spring for the festival’s Student Pass.

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