Rabbis say ‘Hitler was right, pluralism the true Holocaust’

Recordings of Rabbis connected to the Eli pre-military school present them as saying “we believe in racism, there are races in the world.”

Adolf Hitler (photo credit: MIHAILO1997/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)
Adolf Hitler
Rabbis who are educators in the Eli pre-military school were recorded discussing the ideas of Nazi party leader Adolf Hitler and racist ideas, Channel 13 reported on Monday evening.
In the recording, Rabbi Eliezer Kastiel can be heard saying “yes, we are racist. We believe in racism, there are races in the world and genetic qualities of nations.”
“This requires us to think,” the recorded Rabbi is seen saying, “how to help them.”
When asked by a student what gives him [the Rabbi speaking] the right to decide who has what traits the Rabbi responded that “I can see my achievements are greater than his.”
Rabbi Giora Radler could be heard saying that the Holocaust was a divine punishment designed to make the Jewish people leave the diaspora and that the true Holocaust, according to him, “is secular culture in which we believe in man, that is the Holocaust.”
The Rabbi went on to say that “Hitler was the rightest person there was” and went on to say that the Nazi ideology was true as there is a “masculine side which fights and is focused on honor and the brotherhood of men and a feminine world which is soft and moral and claims one should submit the other cheek.”
According to the Rabbi, Hitler was completely right but he was on the wrong side, meaning against the Jews.
Kastiel responded to the publication by saying that he is “sorry and at pain that a class on human rights got the opposite exposure to what it means, a modern-socialist understanding of slavery.” He also claimed that he did not mean such “low and cruel concepts that we experienced and the whole of mankind experienced.”
Radler said that his words were used out of context and the class “attempted to understand the sick logic of Hitler.”