Watch: President Rivlin plays soccer with youth at residence

Soccer event held at presidential residence brings children and sports stars together in an effort to raise awareness.

President Rivlin plays soccer
President  Reuven Rivlin held a soccer event at the presidential residence Thursday, inviting children and soccer stars from around the country to participate in an effort to raise awareness against violence and racism.
The first time event was intended to strengthen and encourage various professional soccer clubs and businesses to expand their outreach on ethical, social and community issues, establishing relationships between various groups in Israeli society in order to promote the eradication of racism and violence.
"I love soccer, it's no secret," the President was quoted as saying. "We are here today because we all love this game. But it wasn't just the love of soccer that brought us here today. We stand here together because we all understand that we need to look into the eyes of violence and racism that's polluting" parts of our community.
As the event was drawing to a close, the president himself joined the festivities and was seen happily playing a round of soccer with some of the children in the garden of the President's Residence.