Suspicion: Several boys raped 11-year-old girl and documented the act

For four months the girl had been admitted to a mental health institute. The boys were released. Police claims that because of their age they cannot be subject to punishment.

Rape [illustration] 370 (photo credit: Ingimage)
Rape [illustration] 370
(photo credit: Ingimage)
For nearly four months, an 11-year-old girl has been admitted in a mental health facility after suffering from two suspected group rape cases, one of which was a knife was pressed to her neck as she was made clear that if she complained she would get hurt.
The rapes were documented by the participants, boys aged 13 and 14, who studied with her in the same educational institution, with their mobile phone cameras. Later, the videos were distributed among all the school's students, as well as to the educational staff and the school administration.
Israel Police questioned the youths involved in the affair and released them, claiming that because of their age they cannot be subject to punishment.
However, the family attorney, Hillel Babayev, is unwilling to let the case go and intends to fight until the participants are sent to a closed criminal institution.
"The girl who would be celebrating her bat mitzvah soon, is now closed and imprisoned after her world collapsed, while those who committed the criminal acts and harmed her get to walk freely and and even went back to the same educational institution as if nothing had happened," Babayev said.
According to Babayev, it was only after the girl's mother turned to the welfare authorities in a complaint about their helplessness in handling the affair, that the welfare officials got into the thick of the case and began dealing with the issue of those involved.
According to the family, three or four months ago the suspected youths dragged the girl to an abandoned building and raped her one by one. The girl kept the experience a secret until she fell victim to another act. The same boys carried out their plot by allegedly holding a knife to her neck.
The girl later recorded the events on a closed page on Facebook. It was thanks to her father's alertness that entered in to his daughter's address, that he became aware of the horrors she experienced.
"You have to understand that this is a quiet, normal and charming family, and this is an event that has turned their home upside down. The girl is in very bad shape, she is not even alive at all. She's turned off. Dead," Babayev claimed.
Babayev further states that "These are boys who watched snuff movies with violent sexual content and implemented them on the girl's body. It's terrible."
"This is one of the most shocking cases that I have encountered in all my years as a lawyer. We're talking about negligence of the police, the welfare services, the Ministry of Education, and especially the educational institution where all the participants, including the victim, study. The injustice can not be rectified, but we will fight for justice to be implemented. I will fight for the girl and her family until these boys serve their punishment," Babayev concluded.

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