TAU students protest against lecturer who has been accused of rape

Signs around campus say: “a rapist’s place is prison.”

June 12, 2018 19:02
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"Justice for the Victims", "A Rapist’s Place is in Prison", "Who is teaching you" and "#meTAU" were

"Justice for the Victims", "A Rapist’s Place is in Prison", "Who is teaching you" and "#meTAU" were written on the signs posted at the entrance to the administration building, at the entrance to the Engineering Faculty Building and adjacent to the Faculty of Life Sciences buildings. . (photo credit: Courtesy)

Students at Tel Aviv University hung up signs around campus on Tuesday protesting the continued presence of engineering lecturer Asher Moshe, who has been accused of rape by another employee of the university.

“Justice for the Victims,” “A Rapist’s Place is in Prison,” “Who is teaching you” and “#meTAU” were written on the signs posted at the entrances to the administration building and the Engineering Faculty Building, and adjacent to the Faculty of Life Sciences buildings. In the classrooms, too, protest slogans were written on the boards.

The incident, which was first exposed in October 2017, allegedly took place at the beginning of August, before the defendant was employed by the university as a lecturer and while he and the complainant were working in the same research laboratory at the Faculty of Life Sciences.

After a police investigation, the Central District prosecutor decided a month and a half ago to file an indictment against Moshe for rape and indecent acts, subject to a hearing.

A student group for the advancement of women called Tel Aviviot (Tel Aviv women), objected to the fact that, in spite of this decision, the university continues to employ the defendant and allow him to be at the university.

Bar Lavi, the complainant, has spoken about the trauma caused by seeing Moshe on campus.

“We demand that the university remove the defendant from the campus as soon as possible,” the Tel Aviviot group said in a statement.

“We will not agree to the university continuing to treat the defendant as if nothing has changed in its eyes, thereby protecting him while abandoning the victim and making her time on campus impossible. This reality reinforces our difficult feelings as students and our distrust of the ability and desire of the university system to help and support us if we need it in other similar cases.

This is not the message that an academic institution that respects itself and those who come to its gates should transmit.”

The university spokeswoman responded in a written statement: “The university does not allow the posting of signs on campus condemning a specific person regardless of disciplinary proceedings against him.

“The University acts in accordance with the instructions of the Attorney General, and has thus frozen any internal examination procedure regarding the complaint,” the statement said. “The University took steps to create a separation between the complainant and the defendant, and a notice was given to the complainant to this effect. As far as we know, that separation has been maintained.”

Last month, Tel Aviviot protested the university’s employment of former health minister Haim Ramon, who was convicted of indecent conduct in 2007 for forcibly kissing a female soldier.

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