US Army tests Iron Dome interceptor missile against drones

Rafael's Tamir interceptor fired at target for first time on US soil.

April 20, 2016 17:48
Trial of the Iron Dome system in the US.

Trial of the Iron Dome system in the US.. (photo credit: RAFAEL ADVANCED DEFENSE SYSTEMS)

The US Army this week carried out a first successful trial of an interceptor air-defense missile made by Israeli defense company Rafael.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems said the US Army fired the Tamir interceptor – which is used by Iron Dome batteries in Israel to shoot down Gazan rockets – at a target drone.

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“This is the first time that a trial of the Iron Dome interceptor against a drone target was held on US soil,” the company stated.

The Tamir, a multi-mission interceptor, struck and destroyed its target, Rafael added.

Lt.-Col. Michael Fitzgerald, who heads the interceptor program in the US Army, said the successful trial was part of a program examining several air-defense options.

The trial was conducted with the cooperation of major US defense contractor Raytheon.

“Ahead of the launch, special adaptations were made to the Iron Dome interceptor, so that it fits the launcher,” Rafael added.

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