Allegedly leaked Trump peace deal cites 'New Palestine,' united Jerusalem

A document was released that allegedly gives the details to the secret American plan to bring Arab-Israeli peace, including a "New Palestine" and one Jerusalem for two people.

Israeli peace activist on the Gaza border. (photo credit: REUTERS)
Israeli peace activist on the Gaza border.
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials have allegedly been passing around in their online communication an unsigned document that claims to offer insight into the secret "deal of the century" peace plan soon to be released by US President Donald Trump and his administration.
It is impossible to know if the details are genuine or perhaps a hoax, Yisrael Hayom reported earlier this week.
The deal, the document claims, will be signed between Israel, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, and will bring about the creation of a state called "New Palestine." This state would include the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, excluding Israeli settlements, and will share its capital with Israel. Arab residents of Jerusalem will be citizens of New Palestine.
Education of Arab residents will be overseen by New Palestine, all other issues will be handled by the municipality of Jerusalem.
The holy places will remain in their current state and no Arab or Jew will be allowed to purchase homes in neighborhoods of the other community.
Egypt is meant to lease to New Palestine land on which it will open an airport and an industrial zone, according to the supposedly released plan. A road would be paved between Gaza and the West Bank and it would be possible to transfer desalinated water via an underground conductor between the two places.
The US, EU and Gulf States purportedly would finance the deal at a cost of $30 billion during the first five years. Israel will carry the cost of evacuating any settlements. This support is meant to build a viable economy for the Palestinians.
The costs are split among the countries in this way, 70% paid for by the Gulf States, 20% by the US and 10% by the EU. New Palestine will not have an armed force and Israel will defend it from any attacks in exchange of payment.
Hamas, according to this document, will agree to hold a free election a year after the deal is made. These elections will decide the government of New Palestine. Prisoners will be released in the space of three years and a sea port and air port be built in Gaza in five years from the time the deal is sealed.
New Palestine, if the released documents are correct, would be given two border passages into Jordan. The rest of the territory along Jordan will remain under Israeli control.
Should Israel refuse to sign this deal, the US will end all financial support of the Jewish State. Should the Palestinians refuse to sign it, the US will end all support of the Palestinian people and ensure no other country in the world will offer them funds. 
The White House refused to comment on the news or verify it in any way.