IDF braces for Iran, Lebanon ships

But some say they may not set sail.

Lebanon Flotilla 311 (photo credit: Associated Press)
Lebanon Flotilla 311
(photo credit: Associated Press)
The IDF is gearing up for the possible arrival next week of two flotillas of Gaza aid ships – from Iran and Lebanon. IDF sources said that the navy would intercept the ships and would operate under the assumption that hostile elements could be aboard.
Two Iranian ships could arrive sometime next week. Two more ships, one reportedly filled with women, may set sail from Lebanon and try to break the siege. The proximity of Lebanon to Gaza requires the Navy to be on a high level of alert around the clock, the IDF sources said.
Still, on Thursday some Arab media reports claimed that both Iran and Lebanon had decided not to allow the ships to sail to Gaza.
According to a report in in the Lebanese newspaperAl-Liwaa, the government in Beirut was workingbehind the scenes to cancel the flotilla, in order to calm down recenttensions in the area. According to the paper, the government fears thata clash at sea between the Israel Navy and the flotilla could lead torenewed conflict between Israel and Hizbullah.
Sources cited in the newspaper claimed that Iran may also cancel itsflotilla.  And the Secretary-General of the International Committee forthe Support of the Palestinian intifada, Hussein Sheikh al-Islam, saidThursday night that the Iranian aid ship would not be sent next week,Ynet news quoted the Iranian News Agency (IRNA) as reporting. ButIranian MP Mahmoud Ahmadi said another ship would leave next Tuesday orWednesday. Fifty to 60 Iranians, food and medicine would set sail fromthe Caspian Sea via Turkey to Gaza.
Islam blamed the cancellation of the Iranian ships on an Israeli threat.
Jerusalem Post staff contributed to this report.