UTJ MKs receive threatening letters, white powder

Letters to Maklev, Gafni, say they "will pay a heavy price" if they don't "go back to Brooklyn" and "stop living at our expense."

haredi death threat 311 (photo credit: courtesy)
haredi death threat 311
(photo credit: courtesy)
United Torah Judaism MKs Uri Maklev and Moshe Gafni received envelopes containing white powder and threatening letters telling them to "go back to Brooklyn" on Sunday.
"We, the enlightened residents of the State of Israel, demand from you, the people of darkness, to stop living at our expense," the letter reads. "Take your striemels, your stinky beards and wigs, and go back to Brooklyn!"
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"You learn all day, and you don't work, and don't go to the army or the reserves. Get out of our veins! Stop sucking our blood," the letter continued. "You have been warned!"
"If you continue to live at the expense of students and our culture, you will pay a heavy price."
The letter also showed a skull and crossbones, wearing a black hat and payot.
Yerach Tucker, a Gafni aide, said that "it was clear to us that the provocations against haredim would lead to steps like this, and even violence against haredim. It's unfortunate that there is no true dialogue in Israeli society, and just hate and provocations."
 Maklev and Gafni's offices filed a complaint with Knesset security, and an investigation has begun. The white powder in the envelopes was, reportedly, salt.