Do good, do well

Social start-ups are filling the gaps left by shrinking government budgets.

March 8, 2017 15:27
Art by Avi Katz

Art by Avi Katz. (photo credit: AVI KATZ)

WHAT IF the million-watt creative spotlight of hi-tech entrepreneurs were to shine full force on the dark world of the needy – the elderly, ill, chronically unemployed, addicts, homeless, migrants, hungry, youthat- risk, single-parent families? What if, as a result, social entrepreneurs burst forth like crocuses in spring, embraced as their mantra “do well by doing good” and met at least some of the needs of those who struggle? And what if government could be enlisted as an effective, supportive partner? Quietly, with little fanfare, it is happening.

The fresh winds of creativity are blowing through the musty corridors of government bureaucracy to find innovative ways to help those in need. Social start-ups are thriving to fill the growing gap between social needs and shrinking government budgets trimmed by the false premise that “austerity brings economic growth.”


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