Swinging in the Holy Land

Enthusiasts generate a swing dancing revival in Israel.

November 30, 2015 15:44
Swing dancing in Israel

Swing dancing in Israel. (photo credit: COURTESY HOLY LINDY LAND)

It’s Thursday night in the center of the city that never sleeps. Tel Aviv is buzzing as the end of the working week sees hordes of people enjoying the restaurants, bars and cafés of the all-action Mediterranean coastal city.

The 50-story Azrieli Towers dominate the night sky. In the foreground, masses descend on the new “in spot,” the impressive, recently restored Sarona quarter. I struggle to find a parking spot. I’m in a hurry, eventually squeezing my car ‒ in classic Tel Aviv fashion ‒ into an impossibly cramped space, thanks to the help of two bystanders respectively tapping the hood, then the trunk, as I move within a whisker of the vehicles both in front and behind.


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