THE FABRIC of Israel at 70

The challenges of contemporary fashion design

May 30, 2018 13:30
Elisha Abargel looks at a new design

Elisha Abargel looks at a new design. (photo credit: COURTESY ELISHA ABARGEL)

AS ISRAEL celebrated 70 years of independence, much has been written about in recent weeks of the entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude that has made Israel into the “Start-Up” nation in technology. But it is not just seen in the hi-tech offices of Tel Aviv, as Israel has also produced a vibrant, creative, and dynamic center for fashion design within the city as well. Brimming with passion and creative energy, designers are crafting strong new statements. A visit to the workshops and studios of Tel Aviv’s creative fashion designer world today gives insight into not just Israeli fashion but about the influences that lie behind the scenes and stitches.

“The Israeli fashion scene is a collection of independent ideas, free of laws, order and history, cut off from rigid cultural rules,” says Galit Reismann, Israeli entrepreneur, curator and fashion-content expert. “It’s also a community of young designers who, with tremendous passion for their profession, work in an environment that is impossibly competitive (with no state support and with a marked shortage of materials and manpower) in the challenging reality of the Middle East. Israeli contemporary design in fashion is being held up as a cultural and social mirror to Israel at 70.”


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