Saving the Egyptian revolution

The young rebels have created a new political language in which terms like freedom and social justice are loaded with new meaning

July 10, 2013 13:54
Morsi Protestors

Morsi Protestors521. (photo credit: ASMAA WAGUIH/REUTERS)

Does the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi mean that Egypt is in the throes of a military coup? In my view, the answer is no.

The way the army intervened and the plan it announced to resolve the crisis show that it is not interested in a military takeover. True, the military will continue to play a vital role: the army, police and internal security services will oversee implementation of the transitional “road map” and take firm action to impose law and order. But running the affairs of state even during the transitional period will not be entrusted to men in uniform.


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