The morning after Trump's inauguration

Come January 20, working with a Republican president for the first time in his 10 years in office, Benjamin Netanyahu may finally have to decide where he really stands on a two-state solution.

December 14, 2016 16:42
Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu meet at the Trump tower

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu meet at the Trump tower. (photo credit: KOBI GIDON / GPO)

THE MORNING after Donald Trump’s shocking election victory, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to play it safe.

Despite a true sense of joy that spread throughout the Israeli right wing, including some in Netanyahu’s immediate orbit, the PM did his best to avoid any display of emotion regarding the results of the United States election. After calling President-elect Trump to congratulate him on the results, Netanyahu quickly turned to call the losing candidate, Hillary Clinton, to thank her for years of friendship to Israel and invite her to visit the country in the future. His office briefed the Israeli and international press on both calls in detail. The message was clear: Israel didn’t take sides before the elections, and it wasn’t taking sides in judging the results.


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