Exclusive video: Time to clown around

An interview with Dr. Arik Steinberger, whose comical approach to dentistry has earned him the name of Israel's Patch Adams.

December 14, 2010 12:08
1 minute read.

Dentist 311. (photo credit: leadel.net)

Scared of the dentist? The vast majority of people would answer yes! Israeli dentist Dr. Arik Steinberger spent years seeing first-hand how fearful patients are when they enter his office. Spurred by this, Dr. Steinberger decided to change his approach by bringing in balloons, toys and even a clown to his clinic - earning himself the name of the Patch Adams of Israeli dentistry.

Dr. Steinberg realized that modern medicine could not compensate for the negative feelings that his clients come in with.  "I was looking how to make a positive experience in the dental clinic.  When the original Patch Adams came to the hospital I met with him and realized that there are medical doctors that can think out of the box."

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Dr. Steinberger decided he would face his patients' fears by bringing in a "clown of the house" and getting a few laughs out of his clients before he brings a white-toothed smile to their faces.

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