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Hanukka: The director's cut. We want you to help us create Leadel's new holiday film by sending in questions and feedback.

November 23, 2010 12:32
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I'll say it loud and proud – I love Hanukka! From the presents to the decorative lights to the traditional meals, it's one of the most festive Jewish holidays around. Moreover, it has a great story with larger than life heroes and deus ex machina miracles that every boy and girl can sing about. 

But is it that simple? If you dig a bit deeper, it quickly becomes apparent that the history of  the "festival of lights" is really not that clear cut: Were the Maccabees heroes or are we actually celebrating the victory of the extremists over the moderate Jews? And what can we learn from this story in our day and age? Do we like that lesson?

Of course you could also ask: If the Maccabees did in fact win, how come so many of the Jewish names from that time are of Ancient Greek origin? And how come King Herod built Greek style buildings all over the country not so long after the Hanukka story?

The more we dig, the more we realize the story we know is only a one-sided tale. This is why we need your help: We want to shoot a short film vying to figure out what really happened in Hanukka. Of course there are no "right" answers, but we figure that interesting new insights will give us a fresh perspective on the holiday.

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So where do we start? With you! What are the questions you need answered? Who are the people that you think are best suited to answer them? What other ideas do you have? Basically, we want you to be the directors for Leadel's next video.

We will take your suggestions and film them. In the weeks leading up to the holiday we will upload some of the raw footage, giving  you a chance to see how things look before editing and get your feedbacks. The final cut will be uploaded on the eighth day of Hanukka, here on

Send us your ideas either by talkbacking on this story (at the bottom of the page) or by checking out, where you can elaborate a bit more about your ideas and questions.

The Leadel Team

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