The Weekly Schmooze: The Dude abides!

A 'Jpost' column wrapping up the hottest Jewish culture news worldwide: Models fight Zombies; J-vanka's baby bump; felafel wars; what is a mensch?

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Israel is going Coen-Brothers-crazy, with events celebrating the Oscar-winning filmmakers' work. On Monday, Joel and Ethan Coen were Trump and Jared Kushner, who got hitched last year after Ivanka converted to Judaism. Schmooze fans also know that Ivanka is pregnant. Well, here are some more details for you: J-vanka is
Felafel wars have hit the streets of Brooklyn. In what some call a micro-version of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the
Taim Mobile (rated New York's best food truck by New York Magazine) has parked itself not far from Williamsburg's Oasis restaurant. Taim is owned by Israelis, including chef Einat Admony of the acclaimed Manhattan restaurant Balaboosta, while Oasis is owned by Palestinians. Although Oasis proprietor Ihab Jibril told The Brooklyn Paper that he feels threatened by Taim, he sells five times as many felafel sandwiches per day, selling them at less than half of the Israelis' price. Both Taim and Oasis should watch their backs, though, since Dawn and Dan Walker created the world's largest felafel ball in California last week, at 52.8 pounds and over a foot high.
On the West Coast, a Jewish candidate for Congress in California's 36th district is making waves with his original YouTube campaign videos, featuring the slogan "Dan Adler is a mensch." Adler's campaign interviewed people in his Los Angeles-area district, which includes the never-boring Venice Beach, and asked them if they knew what a mensch is.
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