'Aliya-minded' dating site launched in time for Tu B'Av

Nefesh B'Nefesh and Jewish dating site Saw you at Sinai launch new site aimed at Jewish singles looking for love and a life in Israel.

Aliya 370 (photo credit: Courtesy NBN)
Aliya 370
(photo credit: Courtesy NBN)
New dating website See You In Israel went online this week, offering a platform for Jewish singles around the world looking for love and a life in Israel, to meet other Olim and Israelis. The timely launch of the dating service just ahead of the Jewish festival of love, Tu B'Av, is the fruit of a collaboration between Nefesh B'Nefesh and Jewish dating site Saw you at Sinai.
Under the banners, "find your aliya-minded match" and "share your love of Israel," the service provides a network for singles living in Israel and the diaspora to search for a suitable match. See You In Israel works on the basis that all those perusing the site can do so in the knowledge that fellow subscribers share their desire to live in Israel, if they don't already do so.
Subscribers to the website receive the aid of professional Jewish matchmakers, with the help of Advanced Computer Algorithms, in their quest for love. The service caters to Jewish singles of all backgrounds and observance levels.
“Many young Olim who have a passion for Israel and Zionism express a desire to connect with similar minded people,” explained Nefesh B’Nefesh Director of Pre-Aliyah Marc Rosenberg.
“We also encounter immense excitement and anticipation among local singles – both Olim and Israelis - when we have groups of North American singles arriving on Aliyah. This dating site will provide a great forum to bring these people together,” he added.