Meet Hostinger: The Fastest Web Hosting Service In The Market This Year

Hostinger emloyees (photo credit: COURTESY OF HOSTINGER)
Hostinger emloyees
In a highly competitive web hosting market, it is incredibly difficult for the new companies to make a splash. The big players fight for every client, make huge advertising campaigns and compete in the league of their own. Which makes it all the more interesting, when a completely new player comes into town and starts to become big. Such is the case with Hostinger, a Lithuanian hosting company which is currently increasing its user base and revenue exponentially.

Hostinger was established in 2004, right in the time when the investment in online services was vastly growing every day. Businesses and people alike have turned to the web as the next frontier to advertise their skills and services. Hostinger - then named Hosting Media - strived to give these people the required resources to do so. There was always a question - "how can we attract huge audiences of people to use our services?". The answer seemed clear, and after years of experimentation, in 2007 the company launched 000webhost - a free hosting service. Naturally, free things attract people and soon, 000webhost services were booming with people.

Then - the dreaded 2009. The global economic crisis affected nearly every corner in the world and Hosting Media were not making much money. Understandably, people with vastly reducing finances chose to use the 000webhost service. While great for the users, it was not good for the company. Makes sense when you think about it - the fewer people pay for hosting, the lower are the company's chances of survival. Therefore, it was time to make a decision.
What needed to be done in order to survive?

Inspired by the success stories of their client using free hosting and turning into amazing entrepreneurs, they made Hostinger a premium but an inexpensive hosting brand, offering great services with as low a profit margin as possible. The company decided to take a risk, join the global market and fight its biggest players.

The risk taken has turned into an amazing success story. It took only one year for the project to become truly international and started its worldwide expansion. Fast forward to 2013 and Niagahoster - the Indonesian branch of Hostinger - was established. In 2014 the company had 10 million users, by 2017 that number has increased to nearly 30 million. During that time period, the company's revenue has doubled once every year.
What is the secret of Hostinger success?

Talking to the people of Hostinger and looking at the things the company does, I think I know the answer. This host believes in users unlocking the power of the Internet and using their inexpensive services to create amazing things. A lot of the great minds never get the chance to create and to build - very often the stumbling block is the financial one. This is why Hostinger puts va lot of emphasis on developing markets, offering low prices so even the most disadvantaged users get a chance to turn their dream projects into reality. Hostinger believes that its visitors have what it takes to make truly amazing things happen. Such is the case with the mascot of this company.

Drago - the fluffy, cuddly purple dragon with a fierce name shows the amazing potential of both company and its users. Even the tiniest dragons grow to become great - the company believes, so will Hostinger and its users.

The trust Hostinger put in its users has been repaid. 2017 marks a yet another year of success for Hostinger. The greatest ever period has been capped off with November being the most successful month in company's history. A vastly successful Black Friday even saw the people of various positions working overtime in customer service just to deal with the new clients and making sure everyone gets enough help.

On its road to success, Hostinger decided to put trust in its clients. Turns out that was the best choice they could've made. By putting the user first and not chasing the quick profit, they managed to become an incredibly successful company. Many in-depth reviews consider Hostinger to be one of the best web hosting companies in the world, praising this host for combining great performance and terrific price. Now, nearly 30 million users have their projects hosted by a company which won against the grueling competition - despite the odds not being in their favor when the company first started. Hostinger now keeps improving and getting better in an amazingly competitive market. In many ways, this is a great example how challenges have to be accepted - you have to trust the people, work hard and reach for the stars.