Spotlight on Israeli startups - Gamitee

Gamitee, a social plug-in for travel sites, OTAs and airlines that converts on average 5X more visitors to buyers than the travel site baseline, translating to an increase of 10% in online sales.

August 30, 2019 07:47

Spotlight on Israeli startups - Gamitee

Spotlight on Israeli startups - Gamitee

Gamitee is a Jerusalem based startup that helps travel sites by helping their users book trips. After realizing that most if not all purchase decisions are actually group decisions, but that online booking websites don’t offer the group the basic tools they need in order to decide, the Gamitee team set themselves on a mission to re-imagine the way online travel booking works and offer their solution to the websites themselves.

Gamitee enables on-the-spot decision making for Travel customers, making trip planning easy and intuitive. When users arrive at a travel site using Gamitee's service, they can build a wishlist, invite their friends, vote and chat on options and easily book their trip. 

Founding Team
Michael Levinson, CPO
Jonathan Abraham, CEO
Tom Zelazny, CTO

Year of founding:  2017.
Line of Business: Gamitee is the developer of a social eCommerce plugin

Location: Jerusalem, Israel.

For more information, visit the company's website or follow the LinkedIn page for business updates.

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