The Jerusalem Post, founded in 1932 by Gershon Agron, is the leading Israeli English newspaper

Inbar Ashkenazi, CEO, Jerusalem Post Group

Galit Erez, Vice President, Commercial and Strategic Partnership
Dror Ronen, Director of Circulation
Maayan Hoffman, Head of Strategy

Yaakov Katz
, Editor-in-Chief
David Brinn, Managing Editor
Udi Shaham, Night Editor

Neria Barr, Billboard & Op-ed Editor
Erica Schachne, Magazine and In Jerusalem Editor
Liat Collins, International Edition editor

Tovah Lazaroff, Deputy Managing Editor
Herb Keinon, Senior Contributing Editor
Lahav Harkov, Senior Contributing Editor
Seth Frantzman, Senior Contributing Editor

Marc Israel Sellem, Chief Photographer

Online Edition –

Amihay Yankovich, Vice President, Digital
Evgeni Manoim, Media Manager
Tamar BeeriManaging Editor
Alex Winston, Desk Manager
Celia HahnDesk Manager

The Jerusalem Post Editors

1932 - 1955 Gershon Agron
1955 - 1974 Ted Lurie
1974 - 1975 Lea Ben Dor
1975 - 1989 Ari Rath and Erwin Frenkel
1990 - 1992 N. David Gross
1992 - 1996 David Bar-Illan
1996 - 1999 Jeff Barak
1999 - 2000 David Makovsky
2000   Carl Schrag
2000 - 2002 Jeff Barak
2002 - 2004 Bret Stephens
2004 - 2011 David Horovitz
2011 - 2016   Steve Linde
2016  Yaakov Katz

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