Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of June 20, 2014

TIP FOR THE WEEK: No matter how difficult, take your time…think things through…ask questions and wait. In the weeks to come, when you have the answers you have been seeking, you can begin to make your move.

Star galaxy nebula colourful 370 (photo credit: UCLA/JPL-Caltech/NASA/Reuters)
Star galaxy nebula colourful 370
(photo credit: UCLA/JPL-Caltech/NASA/Reuters)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! For the past few days you have been feeling overwhelmed and can’t seem to get organized.
Take your time, make lists and cross off each item once it has been dealt with. In a few weeks all will fall gently into place and you will be ready and raring to go. Money and financial matters are on your mind but rest assured, you have done your best and are in a much stronger position than you had hoped.
HINT: Family members are the most important people in your life and this week you will enjoy some special time together.
Over the years you have whittled down your group of close friends and now you have a small but very strong support system of friends and family. Someone from your past may contact you in the next few weeks and is interested in reestablishing the connection you once had. It will be your decision whether to let ‘bygones be bygones’ or to simply walk away. No regrets! Financially, unexpected expenses continue to wreck havoc with your savings plan, but don’t worry, you will be just fine in the long run.
HINT: Sunday and Monday are good days for working on a project whose completion is long overdue.
Sometimes your generosity even surprises yourself and this is the perfect week for doing something extra-ordinarily special for your partner and/or mate. Loyal to a fault, you have trouble expressing your feelings but a kind word, or gesture, may be more valuable than a dozen perfect red roses. It is up to you. Before signing any important documents, take a step back and get the opinion of an expert you trust.
Better to be safe than sorry.
HINT: Money seems to be flying out of your hands, but, rest assured, nothing you are buying is superfluous or unessential.
Take a few days to simply stay put! For the past few weeks you have been so busy taking care of business and managing your personal affairs that you haven’t spent much free time in your own home just relaxing and catching up. Within a few weeks you will be off again, so use this window of time to recharge and take care of the little things which need looking after.
HINT: A conversation with a Cancer is just what you need to get a different perspective on things.
For some time you have now you have had the feeling that you are working overtime yet reaping few benefits.
The truth is that you have been so busy looking at the big picture that you forgot the joy of the small, little things which have made your days pleasant and worthwhile.
Go easy on yourself and relax.
You will be amazed at just how much you can accomplish once you put your mind to it.
HINT: This is a good week for arranging some important meetings as no one is better than you are at getting people excited and interested in sharing your vision.
Generous to a fault, you are the first to reach out and help be it financially, emotionally or spiritually. Everyone who comes into contact with you is blessed by your intellect, experience and sense of fair play. That being said, this is the week for pulling back and being extremely careful where money and financial matters are concerned. Double check important documents and travel plans.
HINT: Pay close attention to the fine print and be prepared for a few misunderstandings between yourself and your partners. Nothing major is expected but there may be a few bumps that can’t be avoided.
By the end of this month you should finally have some quiet emotional space where you can relax and retreat from the world for a few days. You have done a fabulous job so far and both your colleagues and employers are amazed by your work ethic, stamina and kindness.
The time has come for you to set aside a portion of your life for socializing and enjoying the company of old friends and new. If you continue putting a little aside every month you will soon have the cash you need for a trip you have been dreaming of.
HINT: A little patience when in the company of an older family member will be greatly appreciated.
Some days it is difficult for you to vision the glass half full, but if you are honest with yourself you know that you have accomplished far more in the past few months than you had anticipated and the experience you’ve gained will stand you in very good stead in the years to come. A trip planned during the summer is just what you need in order to relax and recharge. For the next couple of weeks take the time to backup important information and when sending snail mail consider paying a little extra for special delivery.
HINT: When feeling ‘stuck’ take some time off to pamper yourself and you will be amazed at how quickly your mood improves.
Things may not be moving forward as quickly or smoothly as you had anticipated, but the extra time you need to put in will pay off in the coming months. Little things you might have ignored or missed along the way become evident now, so take your time and enjoy the view.
Money and financial matters are on your mind as a major expense…either a trip abroad or serious renovations in or around your home prove to be a little more expensive than you had originally planned.
HINT: Quiet time spent with another water sign…a kindred spirit… is just what you need this week.
As you continue reaching out through conversations or writing you will be gratified and humbled by response to your efforts.
The people you come into contact will have a great influence on the next phase of your professional journey but beware as not everyone who smiles and compliments you really has your best interest at heart. When in doubt, talk to your partner and/or mate as this person has very good intuition and can be trusted.
HINT: Pay close attention to finances this week and keep an eye on your wallet and keys.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
Money and financial matters take on more importance right now as you begin final preparations for a major expense.
Double check everything and wherever possible make copies of financial transactions.
Retail therapy has its value but not right now, so wait a few weeks before going on a spending frenzy. Good week for taking stock and for exhibiting some of the patience you are known for.
HINT: Sunday and Monday are good days for dealing with personal matters, so think positively and remember that things are definitely looking up.
Too much to do and far too little time will have you feeling frustrated, frazzled and quick to anger.
Take a step back, examine your situation and wherever possible call in for reinforcements. You know who can be trusted and who you work well with, so reach out and relax. Friends are always close at hand and this is the week for a small, impromptu get together for a light meal and pleasant conversation.
HINT: When arranging important meetings over the next couple of weeks, double check your schedule and leave some space open as last minute delays or postponements are expected.