Behind the scenes of a half-century of public service

From whispering into Shamir’s ear, to lobbying Papandreou on Israel’s behalf.

August 22, 2014 09:15
Mike Tyson Yitzhak Shamir and Don King

Mike Tyson (left), prime minister Yitzhak Shamir and boxing promoter Don King pose for a rare photo opportunity, organized by then-chief diplomatic adviser Arye Mekel.. (photo credit: FACEBOOK)

On April 5, 1989, a picture of a smiling Yitzhak Shamir, then Israel’s prime minister, shaking hands with Mike Tyson, the heavyweight boxing champion of the world, and his wild-haired promoter Don King, appeared in The Dispatch in Lexington, North Carolina, and dozens of other newspapers around the globe.

The headline of the caption in The Dispatch read “Some World Heavyweights,” and was the brainchild of Shamir’s chief diplomatic adviser at the time, Arye Mekel.


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