Global girl power

Israel leads by example at the 59th UN Commission on the Status of Women.

March 19, 2015 16:09
Hanna Azoulay Hasfari

Hanna Azoulay Hasfari. (photo credit: THE PERMANENT MISSION OF ISRAEL TO THE UN)

A hush fell over UN conference room 8. Every woman in the room, whether clad in a short skirt or burka, watched transfixed as 13-year-old Zohara stood under the hot sun, waves gently lapping at her long cotton dress. She closed her eyes and inhaled her baby daughter’s scent in a last gentle hug, and held the baby out to her own mother.

But her mother stood stone-faced, still as a statue, while the boy on the raft shouted at them to hurry up. Zohara looked up at her mother’s cold face, knowing she would never see her mother or her daughter again. She was being sent away by her husband, a man old enough to be her grandfather, who lost interest in his child bride after she became pregnant.


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