Israel through the Dutch Ambassador’s eye

“It is, I think, part of the eventual solution in this part of the world – the peace process – that one is able to understand the fears and the joys of the other person.”

June 15, 2017 13:54
Ambassador Gilles Beschoor Plug

Ambassador Gilles Beschoor Plug. (photo credit: DUTCH EMBASSY)

There has been a pervading sense of friendly relations between the Netherlands and Israel for many years now. Any Jerusalemite will, no doubt, be appreciative of the tulips sent over annually to the capital, courtesy of the Dutch government, to adorn the western entrance to the city and spots near the municipality.

And there seems to be an increasing number of cultural events from the Netherlands taking place here on a pretty regular basis. Dutch artist Anke Huyben made a noteworthy contribution to the “XX Feminine Body Layers” exhibition, which closed at Arie Klang House in Ashdod recently, and popular author Anna Enquist was over here in March to talk about her work. All of her novels are translated into Hebrew and sell well here.


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