It's cherry-picking season!

A few of the farms where you can have a fun time picking cherries.

June 1, 2018 11:06
A young girl picks cherries

A young girl picks cherries. (photo credit: ADI PERETZ)

It feels like the sun has been hotter this May than ever before, and the cherries and berries growing around the country are ripe and ready to be picked and eaten. If you drive by a grove of cherry trees, you’ll see that they are bursting full of juicy fruit and are just waiting for people to come and pluck them off. Going cherry picking is a favorite pastime among Israelis, who love to fill up basket after basket of the precious fruit.

Despite the considerable heat, you and your family members will actually be protected for much of the time by the leaves and branches of the cherry trees. If you prefer, you can spend a short amount of time picking cherries, and then continue with a short hike along a stream or a dip in a local natural spring. You can get a head start by beginning your day early in the morning before temperatures rise. If you live far away, you can even make a mini-vacation out of the trip and stay overnight in a local bed and breakfast or hotel.


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