STARCATCHER - Astrology for the week of June 11, 2010

Who should look for a new job, and is this a good week to start a new relationship?

June 10, 2010 19:24

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TIP FOR THE WEEK:  Every forty-two years Jupiter aligns with Uranus in Aries or Libra. The last two times this happened was 1927 when Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic and July 1969 when the first man walked on the Moon. On May 29th, 2010, Uranus entered Aries and on June 6th, Jupiter joined it. We are blessed with living in interesting times.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
You have a great deal on your mind right now and need to take some time off to organize your thoughts. Bored with much of what you are already doing, you are anxious to begin something new. But, unfortunately, unless you are willing to delegate some of the work, you have to be realistic and make adult decisions. HINT: Think twice before admitting someone new into your inner circle of friends.

Financial security becomes even more important to you this week, as you begin paying closer attention to your finances. Always generous, you love buying gifts for your family and friends, but for the next few weeks you need to pull back and buy one perfect rose rather than a dozen. Although you tend to talk a lot, you don’t reveal very much and this week you are even more tight-lipped than usual. HINT: The time has come for you to follow your dream. Trust yourself and believe in the vision. LEO---FIRE
JULY 23-August 22
This week it is going to be rather difficult for you to keep to your diet and go to the gym. Instead, you prefer sitting in your favorite coffee shop sharing a meal with close friends.  Money and finances need to be watched, but the truth is that you are in a much better position than you were even a few months ago. This is a good week for discussing your plans with someone you trust, perhaps a sibling or older relative. HINT: This is the time to begin thinking ‘outside the box’. If anyone can do it, you can.

Your thoughts turn to your career and the plans you have for your future. A conversation with an air sign will help to point you in the right direction. However, the final decision, as always, is left to you. When dealing with an old friend, try to remember that a kind word goes a long way. For too long you have been putting your own needs first and the rest of the gang is becoming bored. HINT: Once you recognize that some things are simply out of your control, life will become much easier.

This is a perfect time for joining a professional group or for entertaining people who can help you advance your career. You are a wonderful host and all who will be invited will feel honored. You are now able to see the bigger picture and are working hard to achieve your goals. Make sure to keep your diary up-to-date and to pay attention to times and appointments. HINT: Don’t be surprised if you need to put a little space between yourself and your partner and/or mate.

Always intuitive, this week you are able to read between the lines. These abilities will help a great deal if you are asked to step in as a coach or mediator. The coming weeks will be excellent for working on your finances. This is also the time for you to begin researching your options. An interesting proposal may suddenly appear through an old friend or business acquaintance. HINT: The time has come to simplify and reassess your values.

You find it difficult being cooped up all day in your office and yearn to be free to create and express yourself professionally. Always a leader, you may have to take a step back for a little while, but don’t take your eye of your goal. In the not too distant future you will be offered a position which will be difficult to turn down. HINT: Your sense of justice and fair play are stronger than ever and today you clearly see who your friends are.

Finally, after months of working overtime, you have the time and space to sit back and enjoy yourself. This is the perfect time for mingling with old friends and meeting new ones. You have put your own needs on a back burner for much too long. Making lists, throwing out unnecessary papers, paying bills may take some time, but once it is all done, you will breathe easier. Off with the old and on with the new is your motto. HINT: New places, new people, new neighborhood—how wonderful!

You are ready to compromise—but up to a point. When dealing with a partner and/or mate make your needs clear in order to avoid confusion and conflict. Lately, you have been surrounded by new friends and old, and soon you will be ready to throw a housewarming party! HINT: Although work continues to take up much of your time, you continue to be mentally stimulated and enjoy the camaraderie in the office.

Your thoughts turn to personal matters as you consider your options. Ready to make some changes in your life, you are hesitant to take risks. Now is a good time for asking questions and looking for the missing puzzle pieces. The loss of a friend is still upsetting. You need peace and harmony in your life, and lately you have been hard pressed to find that quiet corner. HINT: Aim high and be prepared to take some time away in order to pursue your dream.

Words come easily to you and this week you will finally find the emotional space to sit down and do some serious writing. So many people are waiting to hear from you. Stop wasting time on trivia and insignificant matters. You know what you need, so go get it. By the middle portion of this week you will find the energy you need in order to complete a project which has been playing on your mind and nerves. HINT: You need to stand up for what you believe in.

Time spent at home with family and friends is exactly what you need this week. You have the ability to see beyond the obvious and now is a good time to begin that project you have been thinking about for so long. Money and finances are never far from your mind, but be wary of a project which sounds too good to be true. A family member who lives far away may be coming to visit in the not-too-distant future. HINT: Change is on the way. Remember ‘faith not fear’.

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