Starcatcher: Astrology for the week of December 17

Who should look for a new job, and is this a good week to start a new relationship?

December 16, 2010 12:52

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TIP FOR THE WEEK: Think carefully before you speak. A flash of anger could turn a simple conversation into a major argument.

Money and finances have to be dealt with carefully this week. It isn’t enough to check on your present cash flow, you must also plan for a future where money may not be as easily come by. There is plenty of time, but being frugal and practical now is wise. Professionally you are feeling frustrated as no one seems to be taking your advice. In the months to come you may consider checking your options. HINT: Time spent at home with family and good friends is just what you need to put life back into perspective.CAPRICORN (EARTH)
You can think it and you can feel it, but bite your lips and don’t say it. Everyone knows you are right but antagonizing a co-worker or boss will not get you and closer to your goals. Smiling and walking away is your best defense this week. Later phone a friend and vent. On a personal note, things are moving in the right direction and the group of friends you now have is special and unique. This is a wonderful week for meeting with a relative you haven’t seen in a long time. HINT: Your relationship with a Scorpio is becoming much more pleasant.

You seem to have more questions than answers but don’t give up. Finding the right questions to ask is the hard part; dealing with the results will be a lot simpler than you imagined. You are definitely on the right track and those little bumps along the way are to keep you alert. Pay attention to money and finances as you need to be putting some aside. Soon personal relationships will be put on hold as you study and prepare for the next stage of your life. HINT: Time spent with an older member of your family is always enjoyable, especially this week.

The confusion of the past year is finally ending and you are coming out of the fog in a much better and stronger position than planned. All your hard work and sacrifice will be worth it as you see just how much you really accomplished. Family is always important but this week you have to put your own needs first. Be prepared for a few rough spots at work this week. They will pass and the less involved you are the better. HINT: Talking with another water sign will give you a new perspective on things.

A lot going on around you and you have to make a few decisions as to how much you really want to get involved. This is definitely not the week for beginning a new project or committing yourself to something new which is both time consuming and expensive. By the end of the month things will clear up and you will have the information you need in order to make the right decision. HINT: As much as you wish to get ahead professionally, you may have to wait a little while longer. In the meantime gather information and keep your eyes and ears open.

Your relationship with your partner and/or mate is harmonious and pleasant this week and the more time you spend in each other’s company the better. Peace and tranquility are what you seek. Future plans will work themselves out and, for now, just let things move at their natural pace. When the time is right for you to make your move, you will be prepared. HINT: This is a week for thinking rather than for doing; for listening rather than for speaking; and for seeing all you have rather than for looking for the missing piece.

MAY 21-JUNE 21
Although you are ready for some new beginnings, it is going to take a little while longer before you will be free to go your own way. In the meantime begin tying up loose ends and finishing up a major project that you have been working on for a long time. It is true you are bored and anxious to find something new and exciting to get involved in, but this is definitely not the right time. Be patient and keep your ears open. HINT: Sunday and Monday are the best days this week for getting things done at home.

Try not to be overly thin-skinned and avoid paying too much attention to your partner and/or mate this week. Old grievances from the past are easy to conjure up but not conducive to a harmonious relationship. Ride out the storm and when you are back on safe ground and calm enough to speak logically, open up a new conversation. Try to find some quiet time to spend working on a special project. Once you begin you will be amazed at how good you feel. HINT: You have a unique relationship with a sibling and this is an ideal week for spending time together.

The time has come for you to roll up your sleeves and finally complete a project which has been sitting around gathering dust for far too long. You are a very busy person and between your personal obligations and your professional ones, there is little time left over to be wasted on people who don’t really matter. You know who you can trust and you are very select in those you bring inside your inner circle. HINT: This week spend as much time with a Libra as you can.

This is a good week for taking a step back and reviewing your situation. There are things you still can change if you are ready to admit that you have made a few mistakes. The more flexible you are right now the better and even though you have a better plan and think you are right, try to let the other person have his/her way. And don’t say ‘I told you so’ if there are glitches along the way. The truth is you are feeling rather lonely, so reach out and make things easy. HINT: If you really have to sign some important papers, get the advice of an expert first.

This is a great week for meeting with family and renewing old friendships. You have been working so hard for so long you have almost forgotten what it is like to sleep in and just have fun. Try not to let your partner and/or mate spoil the fun. When speaking with an earth sign, think twice before voicing your opinion. Sometimes that person simply loves to hear himself speak, and this is one of those times. Money and finances are improving so be patient. HINT: Not all change is bad—be prepared for some interesting opportunities in the weeks to come.

You don’t have as much patience as usual this week and find it rather difficult paying attention to insignificant, small talk. Be careful what you say as people will take you at your word and you may, inadvertently upset someone you really care for. Business is improving and if you are very careful you can begin to put some money aside. When in doubt, trust your intuition…it won’t steer you wrong. HINT: Try to get out and mingle with more people. You will be amazed at the contacts you make.

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