Starcatcher: Astrology for the week of December 3rd

Who should look for a new job, and is this a good week to start a new relationship?

December 2, 2010 16:41

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TIP FOR THE WEEK: Nothing superficial will do for you this week, and you will need all your detective skills in order to get to the bottom of the matter.

NOVEMBER 22-DECEMBER 21Money and financial matters occupy your thoughts as you begin making some important decisions concerning your home. Before committing to any major changes, get a second or even a third opinion. Professionally, new opportunities arise which could have a positive far-reaching affect. You have reached a stage where your efforts are appreciated, and your work ethics are respected. HINT: Your most productive days will be Tuesday and Wednesday and if you do your homework you should be more than a little pleased by the results.


This is the week to tie off some of those loose ends that have been floating around for too long. You are in a much better place now and have the skills plus the experience to make a calculated and intelligent decision. Professionally you continue being frustrated by the lack of professional conduct by some of your peers. Although this is not the time for you to make your move, when that time does arrive, you will be fully prepared. HINT: Financial matters are easing up but that does not mean you can go on a wild spending spree.


As busy as you are, there is no excuse for ignoring your health. This is the week for taking better care of yourself, for watching your diet and getting a little more exercise. You spend too many hours sitting behind a desk and need keep physically active as well as mentally alert. The people you work with are very appreciative of all you do, even if they are a tad stingy with the compliments. HINT: Time spent with a special person will do a lot to improve your mood.                                                                                                       


The time has come for you to get your priorities straight. Not everyone you know is worthy of being included inside your inner circle and this is the week for make a few changes in your address book. This is not the best week for saving money but you are going to have to begin cutting back on your spending soon. HINT: Although the time is not yet right for taking a major vacation, you can, however, go visit a relative in a nearby town. You will be amazed at how refreshing that can be.

Things are moving along, and if not exactly according to your plans, at least you are making some headway. This is the week for discovering how much patience you really possess. The more relaxed you are the better as you don’t really want to sever any more family ties then necessary. HINT: Friendships have always meant a great deal to you. Reach out to someone you have not seen for a long time and start building bridges.


Although you really don’t want to, it is time for making a few changes in your life. You know what has to be done and now you simply need to find the energy to begin. Once you have started you will be amazed at how quickly things will proceed and how much pleasure you get from your labors. HINT: Your relationship with a partner and/or mate is very pleasant this month and the more time you spend in each other’s company, the better.

MAY 21-JUNE 21
You will be torn this week between the need to fulfill your previous commitments and your desire to be free. The faster you deal with your obligations the better. This is definitely not the time for sweeping responsibility under the carpet. A conversation with an earth sign will be deep and thought-provoking. When planning a social function, remember to double check your list of invitations. You may have forgotten someone important. HINT: An open and frank discussion with your partner and/or mate will help clear up any misunderstandings.


Make every effort to keep the lines of communication open between yourself and your partner and/or mate. Old resentments can only fester and that isn’t where you are or who you are anymore. Off with the old and on with the new. This is a perfect period for examining ideas and options. You will be surprised at how many people are interested in cultivating your friendship these days. Choose carefully, and of course, trust your intuition. HINT: Try to cut back on your spending.


This is the time for putting things back into proportion. You tend to get overly enthusiastic and only later realize that you are overwhelmed. Choose your words carefully when speaking to a person who avoids eye contact. Time spent at home with family will be extremely pleasant this week, so relax and enjoy. HINT: Financially, things are better than they have been in a while, but instead of buying gifts for everyone and spending as if you were a rich man’s child, begin saving.


You may find that you are taking things to the extreme this month. Be careful not to go overboard. Just because you think you are right, doesn’t necessarily mean that you actually are. Take a step back and ask yourself a few difficult questions. The more you can be honest with yourself the better. Professionally this is a good time for working alone on a project that has captured your interest. HINT: Sunday and Monday are good days for inviting a few friends over for an informal meal.

 Lately, when you talk, people listen. This is the time for you to begin to take a stand and make your mark. A new project will be compelling, exciting, and financially rewarding. Surprising that you didn’t think of it before, but it is never too late. You continue to carry a lot of baggage from the past and it is time to begin lightening the load. Your relationship with another water sign is stronger now than ever. HINT: Pay closer attention to money and that means saving as well as spending.


Important changes are on the way—be patient. Your home and career continue to be uppermost in your mind as you work on getting more financially secure. There is only so much you can do alone and the time is right for reaching out to someone you trust about a joint venture which will be beneficial to everyone concerned. You have learned a great deal over the past few months and your good name and reputation precede you. HINT: Financially, things are finally improving.

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