Love, lies and csárdás

The Budapest Operetta Theater returns to the Israeli Opera with a fantastic production of ‘Countess Maritza,’ one of Emmerich Kálmán’s most beloved works

May 18, 2017 20:55
The Budapest Operetta Theater

The Budapest Operetta Theater. (photo credit: COURTESY OF THE BUDAPEST OPERETTA THEATER)

The performance of Countess Maritza is about to come to its end and the excited crowd at the Budapest Operetta Theater is getting ready for its part of the show. When bowing begins, everyone in the theater starts clapping at exactly the same moment – first slowly and quietly, and then as the cast reappears onstage again and again, faster and stronger, and it is done in perfect unison. It is obvious to me that the Hungarians are not only musically educated, but that they really love and understand their operettas.

I am here to see the theater’s production of Kálmán’s Countess Maritza, before its upcoming debut in the Israel Opera in June.


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