The Jewish professor in Qatar

Gary Wasserman writes about his experience teaching locals at a Georgetown branch in Doha.

December 21, 2017 17:58
4 minute read.
Doha, Qatar

Doha, Qatar. (photo credit: NASEEM ZEITOON/REUTERS)

While I was reading The Doha Experiment: Arab Kingdom, Catholic College, Jewish Teacher, my mind kept drifting back to Daniel Pearl, the Jewish American journalist who was beheaded by terrorists in 2002. I wondered then and still wonder: What was Pearl thinking, a Jew, going to interview a terrorist in Pakistan?

OK, author Gary Wasserman is a harmless academic, not a reporter trying to link the “shoe bomber” to al-Qaida; Wasserman is not an Israeli citizen, as was Pearl; and Qatar is not the “Wild East” that is Pakistan. But, still, he is a Jew working in the hostile Persian Gulf.


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