The historic trails of the Zevulun

Exciting family visits along the prestate sites of Aliya Bet

June 8, 2017 14:26
Harduf Organic Farm

Reaping the harvest at the Harduf Organic Farm. (photo credit: MEITAL SHARABI)

Not far from the Jezreel Valley and Mount Gilboa lies the Zevulun Regional Council area, which despite its beauty still maintains a certain amount of mystery. The council region comprises 14 communities, most of which played a major role in recent Jewish history. Kibbutz Yagur is one of the most prominent ones, and a number of trails cross the kibbutz, such as Nahal Yagur and the popular Israel National Trail. There is still water flowing in the streams this time of year, and temperatures have still not risen to summer highs, so now is a great time to hike in this region.

I recommend starting the day with a relaxing coffee and cake at Café Unico, located at Chutzot Yagur at the entrance of the kibbutz. Owner Assaf Rifes prepares unique coffee blends for his guests made from beans imported from India, Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia and Ethiopia. He roasts the beans himself at the front of the café, and also offers sandwiches and pastries alongside his coffees. The café is open Sunday through Thursday, and next door you can purchase a variety of extra virgin olive oil, organic tehina and beauty products at the boutique shop Shamna and Salta.


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