Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood hold ‘March to J'lem’

Global marches aim to highlight the "racism" and "Judaiziation" taking place in Jerusalem according to a brotherhood spokesman.

June 9, 2013 19:33
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Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Cairo

Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Cairo 370. (photo credit: Mohamed Abd el-Ghany/Reuters)

A few thousand Muslim Brotherhood supporters rallied on Friday at the Cairo Stadium in a Global March to Jerusalem, marking the 46th anniversary of the occupation of east Jerusalem and its Judaization, according to a report in Ahram Online on Friday.

The march began after Friday prayers at the Rabaa Al-Adawiya mosque led by Salah Sultan, secretary-general of Al-Azhar’s Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs. Culture Minister Alaa Abdel-Aziz took part in the rally and Prime Minister Hesham Kandil was to attend, according to Sultan.

Marches were planned for the Palestinian territories, Germany, Lebanon, Canada, the US, Tunisia and Malaysia, according to the report.

“The marches aim to highlight the issue of Jerusalem – by which we point out the racism and Judaization practices of the occupying state against Jerusalem and Palestine,” Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Ahmed Aref said on Thursday.

Other Islamist parties also participated in the rally.

A video report by AFP quoted a protester who said, “Today we say to Israel that we are here and one day we will liberate Jerusalem from the Jews.”

“It is a message to Israel that Jerusalem is Arab land and it must become Arab territory again,” said another participant.

A popular Egyptian blogger who calls himself, The Big Pharaoh, who has more than 35,000 Twitter followers, and who closely follows events in Egypt, wrote to The Jerusalem Post that there were several tweets making fun of the March to Jerusalem.

The general point was that the Muslim Brotherhood held a March to Jerusalem, “calling for its liberation while they themselves are ruling now!” “It worked when Mubarak was around, but now it sounds a bit funny,” he stated pointing out the hypocrisy.

The Big Pharaoh said that during Mubarak’s time in power, “the Muslim Brotherhood used to chant about going to Jerusalem as martyrs.”

Now, however, when they are in power, they do not act on their rhetoric.

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