'Israeli spies falsifying Egyptian history to show Jews built pyramids'

Theory states that foreign archaeologists, are secretly aiding the Jewish State by undertaking "espionage and counterfeiting of Egyptian history."

Pyramids in Giza (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Pyramids in Giza
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Israel is secretly infiltrating foreign archeological teams in Egypt in a plot to falsify Egyptian history to show the Jews built the pyramids, an Egyptian researcher claimed this week.
Amir Gamal of the “Non-Stop Robberies” movement told Egypt’s Elaph newspaper Israel is attempting to prove Jewish influences on the Pharaonic Era by altering Egyptian history in favor of the Jews.
According to Gamal, foreign archeologists, are secretly aiding the Jewish State by undertaking “espionage and counterfeiting of Egyptian history.”
Gamal told Elaph Israel does not send its own Jewish archeological teams to Egypt because that would expose its plot. Instead, Israel sends missions to Egypt “under the guise of other nationalities” while making sure the leaders of the foreign-archeological missions are Jewish, he said.
In addition to claiming the Jews constructed the pyramids, Gamal said Israel is plotting to prove that the Egyptian King Sheshonq I, the founder of the 22nd Dynasty in the middle of the 10th century BCE, was the Biblical King Shishak. Biblical accounts say Shishak invaded Judah during King Rehoboam’s reign and took treasures from the First Temple in Jerusalem. Gamal believes Israel is seeking to claim that gold and jewelry found at an ancient burial site at Tanis in Egypt are part of Solomon’s treasures.
This is not the first time the alleged role of the Jews in ancient Egyptian history has caused controversy in Egypt. Earlier this year, Egyptian journalist Ahmad al-Gamal called on Cairo to sue Israel for the costs of the 10 deadly plagues visited on the Egyptians during the time of Moses.