Mubarak warns Iran of Cairo's 'fury'

Egyptian president slams "exploitation" of Palestinians for Teheran's own interests.

April 23, 2009 17:26
Mubarak warns Iran of Cairo's 'fury'

mubarak 248 88 ap. (photo credit: AP [file])

Several weeks after Egyptian security forces uncovered a Hizbullah cell allegedly planning to carry out attacks in the country, President Hosni Mubarak warned "regional forces" against interfering with Egypt. Seemingly directing his words at Iran, Mubarak called to stop the exploitation of the Palestinian people for its own interests during a speech to Egyptian troops marking the anniversary of "the liberation of the Sinai." Certain forces in the Middle East were attempting to harm Egypt's security, Mubarak said, adding that the country's enemies were cynically taking advantage of the Palestinians for their own narrow interests. "We are aware of your plans... We will expose your plot and catch you," the Egyptian president promised. "Stop [exploiting] the Palestinian issue and be warned of Egypt's fury," Mubarak declared.

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