Puppy orphaned during ISIS leader raid finds new home

Fared Alhor drove four hours to rescue puppy he calls Bobe because of "humanity"

November 1, 2019 11:05
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Bobe, a dog, was orphaned after his mother was crushed by debris during the American raid on Islamic

Bobe, a dog, was orphaned after his mother was crushed by debris during the American raid on Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s compound in northern Syria. (photo credit: FARED ALHOR/COURTESY)

A puppy orphaned and left stranded in rubble after the American raid on Islamic State leader  Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s compound in northern Syria has found a new home.

The pup, named Bobe, was orphaned after his mother was crushed by debris after US forces swarmed the compound in the village of Barisha in Idlib Province.

He was found and rescued by Fared Alhor, a media activist and photographer from the city of Maarat al-Nu’man in southern Idlib who drove four hours by motorbike to bring him to safety.

Shortly after arriving, Alhor posted pictures and videos of the puppy next to his mother in the rubble.

“I drove for four hours to save the dog from the extreme cold and the rain,” Alhor told The Jerusalem Post. And when he got there, “Bobe was very sad.”

After playing with him and feeding him, he left the scene and drove home with Bobe.

Asked by the Post why he made such a long journey, over eight hours there and back, to save the orphaned pup, there was no hesitation: “Humanity,” he said. “When I saw his mother dead I couldn’t let him live all alone and sad.”

After eight years of war, Alhor has seen enough death and destruction. He had to abandon his home in Maarat al-Nu’man after it was destroyed in an Syrian regime airstrike. He now lives with his family on the Turkish-Syrian border.

Bobe’s story is in stark contrast to the one of Conan, the Belgian Malinois military dog who was severely injured in the same raid after coming in contact with live electrical cables while chasing Baghdadi into a tunnel under the compound, where the ISIS leader detonated his suicide vest.

While Conan, who has served in some 50 missions and is set to visit the White House next week to meet with US President Donald Trump, Alhor is hoping for help to buy food for Bobe.

“Conan has a home, food and money. Bobe and I are poor and have nothing. I will work hard for him,” he said. In addition to buying food for the dog, Alhor said he has “started building a new home for him but I don’t have enough money for it.”
Alhor has also taken Bobe to a veterinarian for a checkup and vaccinations.

In the days since Alhor found him, Bobe has received a lot of attention, including queries by people who have asked to adopt him. But the puppy’s not going to leave Alhor’s side.

“We will stay together forever, here or traveling anywhere in the world, together.”

To help with funds to feed Bobe:

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