VIDEO: Syrian father reunited with baby son thought killed in chemical attack

A heartwarming video offers a glimmer of good news from devastated area of Zamalka in Damascus.

August 28, 2013 12:28
Vdeo of the father and son following chemical attacks in the Syrian capital.

Man reunited with son after chemical weapons . (photo credit: YouTube Screenshot)

In US Secretary of State John Kerry's words, reports of Syrian President Bashar Assad using chemical weapons on the country's civilians has "shocked the conscience of the world." However, one story of a father's reunion with his son has shone a light of hope over the horror of recent events in the war-torn country.

Syrian activists on Monday posted the video of the father and son following chemical attacks in the Syrian capital that claimed the lives of several children last Wednesday.

Among shouts of "God is Great," the father appears shell-shocked and overwhelmed as he is held upright by community members before he is reunited with his young son, who he had feared lost.

The caption under the YouTube clip states in Arabic: "A very touching moment between [the man] and his son after he lost him during the chemical bombing of Zamalka."

The United Nations has previously stated that half of the two million refugees from the years-long conflict are children.

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