Wife of Palestinian Authority President undergoes surgery in Tel Aviv

Amina Abbas released from Asuta Hospital in Tel Aviv after secret surgery as political tensions run high following kidnappings by in West Bank.

Mahmoud Abbas and his wife Amina (photo credit: REUTERS)
Mahmoud Abbas and his wife Amina
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Wife of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Amina Abbas, underwent surgery in Tel Aviv's Asuta Hospital and is due to be released on Sunday, according to Israeli media sources.
The surgery was performed on Friday but the presence of the PA president's wife was kept under wraps while her room was heavily guarded around the clock.
Mrs. Abbas's surgery in the heart of Israel takes place at a time of great political tensions with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu placing responsability for the safety of kidnapped yeshiva students Gilad Sha'ar,16, Eyal Yifrach, 19, and Naftali Frankel, 16 on Abbas and the Palestinian unity government he heads.
Netanyahu has charged that the abduction was the direct result of the Fatah-Hamas unity.
“To my regret, this event underscores what we have been saying – myself, the Defense Minister and the Government of Israel – for many months: The pact with Hamas has led to very harsh results, results which are the exact opposite of advancing peace between us and the Palestinians,” Netanyahu said.
“We hold Abu Mazen [Abbas] and the Palestinian Authority responsible for all attacks against Israel that originate from their territory, whether this is Judea and Samaria or the Gaza Strip,” Netanyahu said.
The Palestinian Authority has dismissed the charge.