'Egyptian hackers target PM, Israel Radio websites'

Cyber attacks carried out in protest of deaths of Egyptian soldiers, International Middle East Media Center reports.

Egyptian soldiers 1973 311 (photo credit: Archives)
Egyptian soldiers 1973 311
(photo credit: Archives)
Egyptian hackers hacked into Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's website and into the official Israel Radio webpage on Sunday, according to an International Middle East Media Center report.
The hackers loaded a picture from the Yom Kippur War of Egyptian soldiers in Sinai raising their country's flag on the prime minister's homepage.
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According to the report, the hacker wrote "Anti-Zionism" and “Egypt is the greatest civilization, established more than 7000 years ago, but the terrorist state of Israel stole the Palestinian lands, and killed children” on the website
The International Middle East Media Center also reported that a picture of a Palestinian child who was killed in a Gaza air strike was placed on the site with the message: “I advise you to stay away from Egypt; because we will make you a picture similar to the child you killed."
The website was restored to its original content 20 minutes after being hacked, according to the report.
The official Israel Radio webpage was also hacked on Sunday, reported the Media Center as well as Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm, minutes after an Egyptian man climbed 21 stories to replace the Israeli flag on its embassy in Cairo with the Egyptian one.
The hackers wrote “The Zionist entity must realize that we will never forget, and we never forgot that this entity is our number one enemy” on the site, in response to the deaths of Egyptian security officers who were apparently shot by IDF troops as they returned fire at the terrorists who carried out Thursday's attacks near Eilat.