Veteran IBA reporter Amos Carmeli laid to rest in Haifa

One of his best remembered reports was of PM Menachem Begin’s landing in Beaufort in Southern Lebanon, following its conquest by the Golani Brigade.

Amos Carmeli (photo credit: Courtesy)
Amos Carmeli
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Veteran Israel Broadcasting Authority reporter Amos Carmeli, known primarily for his sensitive television reporting but a radio man before that, was laid to rest at the Kfar Samir cemetery in Haifa on Sunday.
Carmeli, who died in his home on Saturday night, was 77. He began his career as a sports reporter, writing for local Haifa publications, and while still very young, joined Israel Radio.
With the advent of television in Israel, he became Israel Television’s (now Channel 1) first, and for a long time, only reporter on Haifa and the North. He loved the region, with which he totally identified, and reported on it with great sensitivity. His specialty was human interest stories, but he was equally sensitive when reporting on nature.
One of his best remembered reports was of prime minister Menachem Begin’s landing in Beaufort in southern Lebanon, following its June 6, 1982 conquest by the Golani Brigade.
Over the years, Carmeli reported on and edited hundreds of stories, covering people and events all the way from Hadera to Beirut.
He was the recipient of the prestigious Sokolov Prize for Journalism, and only a few months ago the Haifa branch of the Journalists Association presented him with a lifetime achievement award.
IBA’s director-general, Yoni Ben-Menachem, said Carmeli was a journalist through and through and an outstanding example to those who came after him.
Israel Prize laureate Ya’akov Ahimeir, who is also a veteran IBA reporter, editor and news anchor, described Carmeli as a dedicated professional and an excellent field reporter.
Eliran Tal, Channel 1’s current reporter in the North, credited Carmeli with having been the first to bring Haifa and the region to the attention of the whole country.
Carmeli is survived by his wife, Tamar, and his sons, Alon and Rani.

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