Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of December 2, 2016

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Time for some serious thinking as you begin contemplating plans for your future.

December 1, 2016 16:38
Deep space bright nebula

Deep space bright nebula. (photo credit: INGIMAGE)


Money and finances occupy your mind and could possibly be keeping you from the restful sleep you so seriously need. Your finger is definitely on the pulse of the situation but not everything is under your control. Waiting has never been one of your strongest points, but over the past few months you have handled each situation as it appeared with grace and absolute professionalism.

HINT: Take some time to socialize with a sibling during the middle part of this week. The bond between you continues to grow as you continue discovering how much you enjoy each other’s company.



The last couple of weeks have been rather frustrating as you are ready to get up and go while being forced to take baby steps so others can catch up. Soon a special dream will be realized and all your waiting will have been worthwhile. In the meantime enjoy time spent with family and good friends. Professionally you continue to make your mark as more and more people are turning to you for advice. Financially all is moving according to plan and soon you will be able to stop counting your pennies. HINT: A conversation with an older member of your family will help you to remember just how close you have become.


As you continue on your professional journey, you continue to gain respect from both your colleagues and employers.

You are still considering making some changes and each move you make brings you closer to reaching your goal. Don’t let little bumps along the way discourage you. When reviewing the past you realize that you have come a long way and are actually pleased with yourself and your progress. Financially you are a bit strapped right now due to commitments you have made for the next few months.

HINT: Quiet time with your partner or mate is just what you both need this week.


Things are basically moving along according to plan even though you have had to make some major adjustments over the past few months. Rather than being a burden, the extra time you have has worked out to fit perfectly into your plans. Financially you are adjusting to the change in income and as the weeks go by find that you are becoming more and more secure. Your obligations to your family continue to weigh heavily on your shoulders sometimes, but you would never shirk your responsibility to them.

HINT: A meeting with an old friend is just what you need to share some ideas you have for your future.


A great deal of energy is focused on meetings of both a personal and professional nature this week and now is the time for moving some of your ideas forward. You have done your homework, and even though you may not have all the answers you are not willing to wait any longer. A conversation with an earth sign will help you work through some of the missing pieces, so don’t hesitate to speak freely with this person. Financially you need to plan carefully for the next few months if you want to stay stable.

HINT: The latter days of this week are good for taking care of personal matters, so plan accordingly.



Your focus returns to your career as either an offer or a conversation catches your attention. As usual, you will do whatever research is necessary and not let outside sources influence your final decision. Each move has carefully placed you higher on the ladder toward reaching your final goal and you are satisfied with your choices. Financially you are a bit stretched at the moment and have to cut back a bit, but nothing you hadn’t foreseen or planned for. HINT: Thoughts of people and places far away continue to beckon and in the next few months you will make plans to travel once again.

MAY 21-JUNE 21

Money and property are on your mind and a conversation with family members will help you to make some important decisions in the coming weeks. Try to listen carefully to what they say as the outcome will affect you all. Professionally you continue to make headway and projects that are important are basically moving according to plan.

Be patient with a fire sign. This person is dealing with a lot of issues and may not have as much free time or patience as you are accustomed to.

HINT: Tuesday and Wednesday are good days for teamwork rather than for handling things on your own.



You have been so busy with company and dear friends over the past couple of weeks and your mind is filled with pleasant memories of cherished friendships and good times. Financially you did overspend but nothing that can’t be dealt with and rectified over the next few weeks. This is the week for working on a special project, for taking care of personal business and for relaxing with your family. Everyone turns to you for advice and a shoulder to lean on and you are always first to lend a helping hand be it financially or spiritually. HINT: Young children flock to you, as usual, this week. LEO (FIRE) JULY 23-AUGUST 22 After splurging over the past couple of weeks you definitely have to cut back now if you are going to catch up and close the gap between what you really have and what you hoped to have at this time.

You can do it. You continue to lose patience with frivolous people and are systematically closing the ring of friends you have included into your inner sanctum. HINT: A conversation with your partner or mate will not be boring, but rather than cause tension it will open doors to a new idea dear to you both.


You find that you are listening more carefully to your partner or mate these days and giving them more credit than you have in the past. Together you make an enviable team but the road hasn’t always been smooth. Take advantage of this time to seriously listen and absorb what you hear. You won’t be sorry.

Financially you are a bit more cautious, if that is possible, this week as a major commitment to a family member has put you back a little.

HINT: The beginning of this week brings a surge of creativity and now is the time to get some serious work done.



You continue to enjoy the company of your partner or mate and good friends who are always welcome in your home and enjoy spending some time over a home-cooked meal. This week you feel that things are finally moving in the right direction financially and soon you will have the money you need to plan a trip to visit family living abroad. Close spiritually, the distance physically is difficult. HINT: This is a great week for working on a project that demands creativity, intelligence and experience... three things you have in abundance.


Tired of thinking about money and finances, your thoughts turn to improving your home, or taking a course or two, or perhaps even changing address.

Nothing major or immediate, but a thought or two are beginning to take shape. Time spent with a Capricorn is turning out to be much more pleasant than you had anticipated and a partnership of sorts may be in the offing. HINT: This weekend is perfect for snuggling up in your favorite chair relaxing with your partner or mate and a few close friends who drop in to say hello.

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