Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of January 6, 2017

TIP FOR THE WEEK: If it seems too good to be true…it probably is. Take your time.

January 5, 2017 16:50
Deep space bright nebula

Deep space bright nebula. (photo credit: INGIMAGE)


This is not the time for regrets but rather to harness the vast experience you gathered from your past and use it to push you forward in the coming year. Not everything is under your control, so try to be a bit more patient. All you need is a little more time and a lot of belief in yourself. Financially all is moving according to plan and you even have a bit left over to pamper yourself and someone especially dear.
HINT: A conflict may arise between what you need to do and what you want to do. Don’t worry an easy compromise will smooth the way.


This is not the time to begin a new undertaking which has suddenly appeared.

Wait a few weeks. Other things you have had on your mind for a while continue to occupy you and as you increase your fund of information you gather the tools you need in order to make a responsible decision. Financially you are a bit stressed, but nothing you can’t handle. A few days away from your desk will do wonders and help you see there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
HINT: By the middle portion of this week things will seem a lot brighter.


Don’t talk yourself into doing something you really are not anxious to do.

Sometimes it is simply best to say ‘no’ and this is one of those weeks. You need to continue working on getting your priorities straight and to remember that you are the most important person you know. Financially things are definitely moving in the right direction; however that does not mean you can go on a shopping spree. Not yet, but soon.
HINT: Professionally you have the feeling that you are treading water… putting out a great deal of energy and not moving forward.


There seems to be a little stress or conflict between what you really want to do and what others expect from you.

The focal point is centered on your career…your expectations and the expectations of others. For the time being take a back seat and keep your eyes and ears open. Soon you will have the answers you have been searching for and that is when you will make your decision. Family and close friends continue taking up most of your spare time which leaves you


The past, money and property matters will keep you busy this week and take up more time and energy than you want. All are connected and when you take time to contemplate you will understand the relationship. You have come a long way over the past few years and not only have gained a great deal of expertise, but are more confident in your own ability to make a major decision.

HINT: This week’s beginning days are perfect for taking care of personal business and by the middle of the week you will be happy to note the lines of communication between yourself and someone special are back open and flowing.

MAY 21-JUNE 21

There is no way you can continue juggling all the items on your agenda by yourself and if you are not careful you could inadvertently ruin a long standing relationship over something foolish. Take your time. Ask for help. Delegate some of the work to people who are good and dealing with details and have the patience to wade through a lot of paperwork.
HINT: Time spent with your partner or mate will be much more pleasant after the middle of this week and that is a perfect time for spending some time alone enjoying each other’s company.


You have managed to balance your professional obligations and your social commitments quite well. Now all you need is to find a large bay window of space in order to relax and enjoy some quiet emotional time. As you continue to be comfortable with the work load you have undertaken you are becoming more confident and actually have started to enjoy yourself. Time spent with an air sign always brings you joy and this is a good week for setting up a date at your favorite coffee shop or restaurant to catch up on all the news.
HINT: Financially things are better but that does not mean you can pull out all the stops.


You need to get away but for now have neither the time nor the money it would take to leave your desk and make an expensive trip. However, since your financial situation is looking better, you are able to begin setting a fair amount of money aside which will help in the coming months. Your family always comes first and this week is no exception. The relationship you have forged with everyone is solid and a win-win situation.
HINT: The middle of this week is a bit stressful as you continue to add more to your already heavy workload.


Between taking care of business and worrying about everyone else, you have forgotten that you are important too. If you don’t do something soon you could lower your immune system leaving you open to colds, flu or bronchial infections. Financially you are where you expected to be at this point and even though unexpected expenses cropped up you were prepared and the past weeks have been rather stress-less financially.
HINT: Be patient with a Sagittarius in the family. You simply see things from a different vantage point.


There doesn’t seem to be enough time to do things as professionally as you had hoped for causing stress and even a little lack of sleep. A conversation with your partner or mate will help you to see things differently and the time you spend brainstorming will be well worth it. A chance meeting with an old friend will leave you feeling happy and ready to renew the acquaintance. You are both older and wiser and have more in common than you did then.
HINT: Financially you are still struggling more then you wish, but everything is under control.


Money and financial matters need watching and for the time being try not to make any major monetary commitments or expenditures. Things will ease up in the coming weeks, but for now tighten your belt. There will be a shift by the middle of this week for the better so relax. When dealing with a Capricorn you will be surprised at just how much you both have in common. A partnership of sorts could be beneficial to you both.
HINT: Be patient with your partner or mate. The breakdown in communication you are feeling will ease up greatly by Monday or Tuesday.


Take a step back and reflect on all that has happened over the past six or seven months. This is the time to recognize mistakes and correct them. It is also a good week for mending fences and renewing an old friendship. Financially you are finally on your way and beginning to make the changes which were so greatly needed.

HINT: The stress you have felt over the past few months has driven you to where you are now and although you may not like the journey you should be very proud of yourself…everyone else is.

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