Tweet goes viral after being sent from a smart fridge

After having all her electronics confiscated, one fifteen year old uses her family's smart fridge to use twitter with explosive results.

August 18, 2019 20:36
1 minute read.
Tweet goes viral after being sent from a smart fridge

Fridge. (photo credit: PIXABAY)

After her mother had taken all her electronics - including her phone, Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3ds - one teenager named Dorothy decided she would tweet using the family's smart fridge, which too, was promptly confiscated.

This tweet went viral over the weekend, so much so that many rallied in support of her, using the hashtag “FreeDorothy”. LG, who manufactured said smart fridge, tweeted to support her as well.
When asked how this situation came to be, Dorothy said that her electronics were taken after she was boiling rice and was too busy on her phone to notice the stove bursting into flames.

This story did bring about some skepticism saying it could either be faked relatively easily, or that the fridge in fact does not have the Twitter app to be able to create such a tag, all of which were answered by anger (saying the questions were “rude”) by Dorothy. 

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