Letters to the editor: How dare he!

Regarding “Edging toward Trump, Britain scolds Kerry over Israel words” (January 1), the recent lengthy diatribe of US Secretary of State John Kerry was, simply put, antisemitic.

January 2, 2017 22:40

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How dare he!

Regarding “Edging toward Trump, Britain scolds Kerry over Israel words” (January 1), the recent lengthy diatribe of US Secretary of State John Kerry was, simply put, antisemitic. To lecture us by saying that Israel cannot be both Jewish and democratic should there be only one state redefines the word chutzpah.

How dare he! Kerry knows full well that we are now Jewish and democratic. Would he dare make the same pronouncement focusing on Iran, Saudi Arabia or others that are Islamic and totalitarian? With under three weeks left in the current administration, we wait with bated breath for outgoing President Barack Obama’s next move to undermine and jeopardize our security. In no other administration have such fears been so paramount.

Beit Shemesh

Very much like US Secretary of State John Kerry, Yaakov Katz tries to cover many bases in “A missed opportunity” (Editor’s Notes, December 30). But no amount of arguing both sides of the ongoing struggle for Israel’s existence will suffice at this stage.

Katz’s repeated attempts to justify, question and hypothesize the many sides can only be described as pathetic. His obfuscations and weak attempts to find faults with Israel’s position, and then turn around and do the same with the Palestinian Authority, are most disturbing. And his failure to criticize Kerry’s omission of PA incitement and decades of educating children to murder Jews leaps to the front of any serious analysis, including a true evaluation of Kerry’s behavior throughout the years.

Some examples in “A missed opportunity” are most frustrating: “Kerry really cares about Israel and the direction in which it is heading.” He “is a true friend.” “He might have a different vision of Israel, but that doesn’t mean he is not a friend.”

With friends like this, we won’t need any more enemies.


Shocking omission

Your photographic layout reviewing 2016 (January 1) was disappointing and shocking in its omission of Elie Wiesel among the noteworthy people who died.

Really bad oversight.


Thanking Peretz

I just hate it when letter writers twist a matter into something it’s not.

Reader Jack Davis (“Trial and error,” January 1) certainly has a right not to like Amir Peretz. But to question where he was as “rockets were flying over his hometown of Sderot” is pretty incredible.

It is primarily due to Peretz’s initiative and political savvy that the Iron Dome rocket defense system was developed and brought into action. This is fact, not party politics. Iron Dome has saved the lives of countless Israelis.

Thank you big time, Amir Peretz.

Mevaseret Zion

On closer look

The photo of a dismounted Gen. Edmund Allenby entering the Old City in 1917 (“A year of anniversaries,” Grapevine, December 30) is well-known. But much less so is that the figure just behind him to his right has been identified as none other than T.E.

Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia.


Yemenite children

With regard to “PM: Declassifying info on Yemenite children ‘corrects historical injustice’” (December 29), as a youngster in 1950, I worked with Yemenite orphans, some almost my own age.

It was not simply “chaotic times” that caused the abuses now coming to light. Yemenite immigrants were subject to widespread derision, not only by officials, but by ordinary citizens.

These injustices were among the reasons I returned to the US to pursue my studies as a disillusioned former Zionist.

Over the years, I have learned that the disdain and arrogance of many in the veteran Ashkenazi population here stemmed from socialist-Left doctrines that ruled Israeli politics and society until a belated revolution brought Menachem Begin to the Prime Minister’s Office. Their use of people for the supposed benefit of society allowed for no deviation from their orthodoxies – Yemenite children were a commodity, like so many beans, allocated to institutions affiliated with political parties according to their electoral strength, with total disregard to the children’s background or desires.

The same arrogance of the Left is evident till our day. People on the Left know what’s good for you, whether you like it or not, and given the slightest opportunity, they stand ready to impose their superior wisdom on the unenlightened masses, even when in the minority.

Petah Tikva

Salt consumption

I am the researcher cited in “No need to consume more salt during hot months than in winter” (December 28), but I must take exception to the headline and lead paragraph.

There is nothing in our study that suggests how much or when people should eat more salt. The study revealed that under the conditions studied, Israeli students do not eat more salt (sodium) in summer or winter. In no way does that suggest how much they ought to be consuming.


Let them freeze

I must admit I was bothered by “Youth collect winter supplies for Syrian kids” (December 26). The Syrians are perhaps our most vicious enemies, raised on their mother’s milk to despise us and desire our utter annihilation. The Midrash teaches: “Whoever is kind to the cruel will end up being cruel to the kind.”

On the other hand, perhaps these are innocent children who cannot be blamed for their education in evil and have not yet performed evil acts. When Ishmael was cast out by Sarah, the angels argued that God should not spare his life, for from him would come a nation that torments us. But God argued that Ishmael would be judged according to what he was at the time, not for his future deeds and not for his descendants.

So, after all, I should help these poor kids – perhaps they will realize that Israelis are not so bad after all.

But then I read that “the organizations called on the public not to bring any supplies with Israeli logos or Hebrew writing and said that they would have to go item by item to remove the Israeli labels.” Am I to understand that the Syrians would refuse our gifts if they knew their origin?

How pathetic we are to contribute to those who despise us so much that they would spurn our generosity! How empty a gesture! Let them freeze!


Another swamp

I appreciate Caroline B. Glick’s “David Friedman’s Jewish antagonists” (Our World December 20).

During his election campaign, President-elect Donald Trump talked often of “draining the swamp.” One swamp he must have had in mind was that of the long-standing career staffers in the State Department who are closet bigots as far as Israel is concerned.

If Trump can drain this swamp, we will all be better off.

Monroe Township, New Jerse

Double standard

Israel is the only liberal democracy in the Middle East and values human rights. Why, then, does it support totalitarian China, a country with an appalling human rights record, against a democratic, free Taiwan, the region’s only liberal democracy?

Isn’t this a double standard?

Further, it appears that Israel is assisting China in aircraft design at a time when China is bullying smaller nations in the South China Sea and making absurd territorial claims. Again, I would submit, a double standard.

Brisbane, Australia

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