May 22, 2019: BDS/BDSM and beyond

Readers of the Jerusalem Post have their say.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
 BDS/BDSM and beyond
In “EBU condemns Madonna, Iceland for Palestinian Flags,” the Hatari band from Iceland was described as BDSM (Bondage, Dominance, Sadism and Masochism) supporters.
However, after Hatari’s visit to the city of Hebron, they were additionally identified as “BDS supporters.”
I must conclude from this, that following their visit to the “occupied territories,” it is clear that those who can see only the Palestinian point of view, must have a Sadistic streak that calls for the Bondage and Dominance of the State of Israel.
Beit Shemesh
We lost Eurovision big time.

It does not matter to me which contestant came in first, second, or third place in Eurovision this year, but that Shabbat lost out. It was a chilul Hashem. We should have stood up for our tradition of Shabbat being a symbol of Israel by refusing to host Eurovision rehearsals on Friday night. Whether the majority of our citizens are shomer Shabbat or not, Shabbat in Israel is a national symbol. When we hesitate to stand up for our ideals, we lose self-respect and the respect of the world.
Also, an event that should be non-political turned into a slap in our face when some contestants and performers took the opportunity to display Palestinian flags. This was neither the time, nor the place!
In addition, had the rehearsals taken place on Thursday, it is possible that the Shalva group could have participated and even won what was supposed to be a talent event, not a political statement. 
The millions of shekels spent on Eurovision were thrown in the garbage. When will our government learn?
The biggest Eurovision loser is Roger Waters (“Roger Waters and the dark side of BDS,” May 17). Despite his massive efforts to get musicians to support his obsessive and unbalanced hatred of the Jewish state, not a single musician from any country heeded his boycott call. Most participants – and 200,000,000 viewers – had nothing but praise for Israel. Waters continues to sink in the estimation of former fans like me.
No place like Homesh

It was delightful to read “Knesset speaker: Our mission is to repeal the Disengagement Law” (May 17). 10 MKs have already started working – visiting the ruins of a bulldozed Jewish community in a strategic area, and urging long overdue rebuilding. Great!
Two comments:
1. You could have noted that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is insisting on the exclusive right to draw up the government agenda. Thus, the five-year delay on rebuilding is currently “on him.”
2. You missed out the most important part: the names of the 10 energetic MKs who hit the ground running! As spokesperson for the NGO Mattot Arim, which produces parliamentary achievement reports, I can attest people need this information when they decide who to vote for in the next primaries and elections. The MKs with Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein were Eti Atiah, Ariel Kallner, Osnat Mark, Amir Ohana, Michal Shir, Kati Shitrit and Miki Zohar (Likud) and Idit Silman and Ofir Sofer (URP).


Crane safety features

Regarding “four construction workers dead after crane collapses” (May 20), about 60 years ago, a Clyde Puffer (Scottish work boat) was converted from being coal-fired and steam-powered to a simple diesel engine driving a large hydraulic pump. All the mechanical clanking links to cranes and the propeller were replaced by hydraulic hoses and double-acting cylinders and motors.
The noise reduction and efficiency were phenomenal, but soon things went wrong and it was discovered that the alarm bell [in the small rear cabin] that indicated that the oil filters needed cleaning drove the Captain mad, and he simply put an old cigarette packet between the clapper and the bell. No noise.
Modern tower cranes are fitted with load cells, for overload in reach, weight, speed, wind velocity as absolute minimum safety features. The problem is, of course, that if the five-ton load needs to run another five meters but the alarm readout interferes, how long before it will be ignored?
The picture in the paper shows the complete separation of the rear counterbalance end assembly, suggesting some form of fatigue fracture. I cannot believe that any modern crane, given even half the above safety features, would not have started to cry out for help before catastrophic failure. 
B.Sc C.Eng MIMMM [retd]
Your article reports that there is an organization known as Struggle Against Construction and Industry Accidents headed by Dr. Hadas Taguri.
Taguri makes much of the argument that there is so much work going on that building inspectors and other officials cannot deal with it all. This sounds almost apologetic. However, these worthies don’t travel around with their eyes shut; one does not have to be an architect or civil engineer to spot ramshackle scaffolding, unprotected perimeters or building sites that resemble junk yards. 
Building projects usually have an architect or engineer making periodic visits to sites. They should be able to show that they have drawn attention to any dangers. That would, in some measure, assist the work of officialdom. 
Problems are not solved by verbal hand wringing. Accidents will inevitably happen, but they can be greatly reduced if construction firm owners are made to realize they will incur heavy punishment for a lack of safety precautions on their sites.
Retired architect

Kushner pushes forward

In “US peace plan’s economic section to be revealed June 25” (May 20), US Middle East envoy Jarred Kushner declares, “The Palestinian people, along with all people in the Middle East, deserve a future with dignity and the opportunity to better their lives.”
Although the deal that the US government is preparing for the Bahrain conference can benefit the Palestinian business elite, it does not assure dignity or opportunity for the Palestinian Arab people. The Palestinian Authority has a proven 26-year track record of hording assets for its own benefit.
Even more tragic, while “the deal of the century” may facilitate profits for the Palestinian and Israeli business community it does not annul the unprecedented PA ordinance that grants an automatic generous gratuity for anyone who murders a Jew – and for the family of the killer. Nor does it override the law that decrees capital punishment for any Arab who sells land to a Jew. Nor does it cancel the new PA curriculum, which indoctrinates the next generation to strive for the “right of return by force of arms.” (Our agency has examined, translated and brought the new PA curriculum to the highest echelons of the White House.) 
Perhaps the special White House envoy assigned to revive the Middle East peace process should first work to annul the PA indoctrination-for-terror-and-war curriculum, funded by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Germany, the UK, Sweden and other Western Nations.
The smokescreen of economic progress will not obfuscate a corrupt regime in a full state of war.
Director, Israel Resource News Agency 
Center for Near East Policy Research
Poles apart

Regarding “Polish PM: Restitution to Jews akin to posthumous Nazi victory” (May 20), Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki seems hell-bent on destroying any decency that remains in the Israel/Polish post war relationship.
No amount of denial or legislation will change the fact that Poles – not all Poles, but Poles – were invested up to their eyeballs in assisting Nazi Germany to achieve their goals. 
Now Morawiecki presents his position on restitution to Jews. Truly no surprise there.
Well, let me tell him a story. I was once a paying guest in someone’s house. I had been staying there for awhile, paying rent and being a valuable member of the household when, one day, arrogant and dangerous neighbors invaded my host’s home, my home.
Threats to life and limb soon followed. My valuables were stolen by them and fearing for my physical safety I ran for my life. Not only did my host not stand up to protect me, they failed to protect themselves. 
Years later, it was brought to my attention that my old host was in possession of the valuables that had been stolen from me. 
To my horror, shock and utter disbelief, my host told me he would never return my valuables because this would be seen to be rewarding the criminal neighbors.
Now, Mr. Morawiecki, I ask you: Who is the thief?
Regarding “Cheapening the Holocaust” (May 20), when jurist Gideon Hausner opened the Eichmann Trial in 1961 with the words “I am not standing here alone; with me are six million accusers,” he set the tone not only for the trial of Adolph Eichmann but for Holocaust remembrance throughout Israel and the world. The testimonies of over a hundred witnesses to the barbaric killings of Jews became a memorial to the murder of the six million men, women and children who perished so horribly.
It ensured that along with the goals of Holocaust education to not let such an event ever happen again, the main focus would remain a memorial to those innocent victims. 
The Jerusalem Post is absolutely correct in speaking out against “cheapening the Holocaust” and for maintaining respect for the memory of those six million.
Beit Shemesh
Gazan cart before the horse
Daoud Kuttab’s misleading prescription for permanent resolution of the armed conflict with Gaza (“Absent a political track, the Gaza ceasefire will fail,” May 19) inadvertently reveals why such a resolution is not in the offing. 
 Kuttab criticizes Israel’s refusal to deal with Hamas’s military wing, Izzadin al-Qassam Brigades, “which [Israel] considers a terrorist organization.” The Brigades’ main goal when created was to block Oslo Accords negotiations. Since then, its support of Hamas’s political ideology through countless attacks on innocent civilians makes it a quintessential terrorist organization. The EU, US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand consider it as such. 
The writer indicts the IDF and all of Israel for Baruch Goldstein’s despicable attack on Palestinians in Hebron by describing him as “an Israeli soldier.” Goldstein, who was no longer on active duty, improperly wore his uniform on the day of the attack. Unlike Hamas’s reaction to Izzadin al-Qassam attacks at its behest, the Israeli government immediately condemned the massacre, arrested followers of Meir Kahane, forbade certain settlers from entering Arab towns, and demanded that those settlers turn in their army-issued rifles. While Palestinian murderers of Israeli civilians are often lionized as “martyrs,” Goldstein was immediately denounced with shocked horror by mainstream Orthodox Jews throughout the world; many in Israel classified Goldstein as insane. 
Nowhere is Kuttab’s misplaced attempt at moral equivalency more evident than his depiction of the most recent military flare-up as “a violent three days of hundreds of Israeli air raids and Palestinian rockets.” This recalls the ironic description of any Israeli response to attack: “The trouble began when Israel shot back.” 
Though condemned by Kuttab, Israel’s refusal to accept neutral observers on the ground is fully justified. Remember that UNSCR 1701, ending the Second Lebanon War, provided for upgraded UNIFIL forces to assist in disarming armed groups and preventing the introduction of arms below the Litani River. Imagine if another neutral observer force were as “successful” in preventing increased Hamas military might as UNIFIL has been in Lebanon!
Kuttab concludes that there is a need for a “political solution that takes into consideration Palestinian aspiration and desire to live in peace.” Precisely the opposite is required: Gaza’s Palestinian leadership must demonstrate an “aspiration and desire to live in peace” before any successful political solution can be envisioned. 
Zichron Yaakov 
PA textbooks: laughing matter
I don’t usually burst out laughing reading the newspaper – it’s generally so depressing or infuriating. But, the article headlined “EU to check PA books to see if they teach peace” (May 17) – haha, what do they think?
But I’m sure the PA and necessary NGOs are very busy right now re-printing a few books in order to deliver them to the EU, in place of the regular ones.
I also suggest the EU checks the children’s television programs, and they should pay a visit to the “summer camps” run in Gaza.
The reason we can’t have peace now is that the other side has been learning hate for the last 40 years.
Tel Aviv